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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Moving into the Future

I haven't posted for a while so here's the latest news:

1) I am working on my book. I hope to have a Preview Edition, printed and bound by a local copy shop, for the October 9 Psychic Fair in Tucson.

2) I have spoken with a company about having a commercially-printed book available by the end of the year. (Woo-hoo!)

3) As I have been moving through the book-finishing process, I have reconnected with some psychics who I haven't spoken with in a year or two. They are wonderful. Here is what I am hearing about the near future:

The 2012 Ascension process has already begun. We are in it and it will become more evident later this year and throughout 2012. Ascension means that humanity will move up a level of consciousness. People will go through this process at their own rate. People who are spiritually advanced will go first, followed by people who need to learn more before they go. Go? Where do they go? I'm trying to figure this out so I can share it with you. Sometimes I hear that Ascension means that we will leave Earth with our physical bodies. We will move on to other realms, take our body with us, then decide if we want to keep our body, or move fully into an etheric (energy) body. Other people tell me that Ascension means we will remain on Earth, but we will be in another dimension. People who have not yet ascended won't be able to see the people who have ascended, but we will all still be here. Finally, I have heard that about 2/3 of the Earth's population will leave during the next few years. The only people left will be those who are needed to help the Earth heal. So much environmental damage has been done that the Earth needs a period of rest and recovery.

The psychics tell me that we are all in this together and that we will help each other through the ascension process. This shift in consciousness is accelerating. One way or another people will wake up and be curious about the nature of man, and the nature of nature. Will it take violent Earth changes? If need be. Will it take violence among people? I hope not. Will it take economic collapse? Perhaps. The environment is heating up, economies are declining, and it is very difficult to determine how to regain our composure. We need a "re-boot." 2012 may offer a chance to start over.

If we listen, 2012 may provide the opportunity to develop a new understanding of the energetic nature of the universe. We are energetic beings and our outputs influence each other. We need to master our own energy, putting out kind and compassionate thoughts, words and actions, so that we don't harm anyone else, any animals, or any other parts of the planet. Words, actions and volatility shut people down. We are energy in physical form. When we send out energetic waves, we have the choice to influence people for good or for bad. Imagine if everyone understood this and worked together to put out a high vibration so that we stopped harming each other. Suffering would end. We could live in peace.

2012 is also bringing the opportunity for us to see how "the other side" and this side interact continuously. Psychics tell me that the veil between the worlds is thinning and will disappear altogether. Spirit, Spirit Guides and angels are available all of the time. Some people already have these experiences, but 2012 may allow masses of people to have their own direct experience of unseen energies. Seeing is believing. This is not traditional religion telling us to believe in invisible entities, but a new understanding based on what people actually experience.

The psychics say that Earth changes are going to happen and that tragedies will escalate until we decide to heed the messages and act in a different way. There is more to life than material gain. There is more to life than dominating another person, animal, or nation. There is joy to be found in working together to preserve nature so that everything on the planet has a chance to survive or to ascend. Everyone has their own gifts and a unique role to play in this transition. However, if we choose to ignore the messages, we may be asked to leave the planet. Just like when the teacher told us that if we couldn't behave, we were going to have to leave the room . . .

What do you think? What are your impressions of the near future? Let me know at


12:14 pm mst

Friday, September 9, 2011

Meet A Psychic

This Sunday, September 11, 2011, the Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair will be held at the Windmill Inn. The Fair will run from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. and will be on the southeast corner of River Road and Campbell Avenue, in Tucson, AZ. Many psychics will be available for 15-minute readings.

One of the people who will be at the Fair is Kat Riegel, an Animal Communicator. If you have ever wondered what your pet is thinking or feeling, Kat may be able to help you find out. This is Kat's story.

Kat Riegel - Animal Communicator

When she was growing up, Kat Riegel had a few experiences which made her wonder about psychic phenomena. She was fascinated by information about being psychic and wanted to be psychic, but she realized that having a desire, and actually being able to do readings, were two different things.

As an adult, Kat had a cat who was acting up. Kat attended a class to learn about animal communication. People brought photos of their animals so that they could attempt readings for each other. As soon as Kat tried her first reading, she realized that she was able to get information from the photo of a dog. She discovered that she had a gift. Since then, Kat has taken several more animal communication classes. Sometimes she feel like a sponge; she wants to know everything!

According to Kat, there is an intuitive area near the solar plexus where emotions come through. She gets a sensation, almost like her stomach is flipping, when she has made a connection with an animal. In addition, when she gets "yes" answers, she feels that flip. For "no" answers, or if she is on the wrong track, there's no feeling at all. Kat also gets pictures in her mind and, sometimes, hears sentences. If she is on a topic an animal likes, she feels warm and good.

Kat connects directly with animals. She doesn't need to work through Spirit Guides. If the animal is alive, it is easy to establish a connection. If the animal has passed, she goes directly to their energy. The energy of a person or animal who has passed is very different; Kat feels "swirly" as if she has been spinning in circles, then trying to stand still.

When communicating with pets, Kat prefers to use a photo of the animal rather than having the animal present. When the animal is in the room, it is often distracted by Kat (and by the activities going on in the room) making it more difficult for Kat to communicate with the animal.

People come to Kat when they want to know how their pet is doing. Is the animal happy and healthy? Do they need something different in terms of care? Sometimes there are animals with an illness or injury and the people want to know what happened and if they are doing everything possible to help the animal. When an animal has passed, people often want to know how, and why, the animal died.

People also want to know if their pet will come back as another animal. Kat has been told by animals that they want to come back, but it is not their time. She has had other readings where the animal had already come back. Contacting animals who have passed, and are now alive in a new body, can be confusing.

Kat suggests that when people want to communicate with their pets, they say what they are thinking out loud and think the picture in their mind. This is the easiest way to communicate.

In addition to pets, Kat also communicates with horses, iguanas, owls, chickens, cows, parrots, fish and ferrets.

If you want Kat to communicate with your animal at the Psychic Fair, please remember to bring along a photo of your animal. If you can't make it to the Fair this Sunday, you can contact Kat, and e-mail animal photos to her, at

*  *  *  *  *

I am thinking about all of the people who died, or were injured, on September 11, 2001, or as a result of September 11. I am also thinking about their families and wishing them peace and healing. Peace and healing.

10:01 am mst

Monday, September 5, 2011

Angel Story

Last week, I talked about a book written by a woman who walks with angels. In response, Melinda B. sent a story to me about one of her angelic encounters:

My Angel Story

I had a teenager at home, in high school, at the time. He and his friends loved to sit on the back porch, talk and use the hot tub. I would always check on the kids before I started any project and, again, before my husband and I went to bed.

My story starts when I was fast asleep. I should say I was dead asleep. I was awakened from my sleep. I jumped out of the bed and walked out of the bedroom. It was like a Force was taking me to the place I needed to be. I had no idea where I was going, I was just going. I passed the kitchen while the kids were outside the kitchen door. I never even looked that way.

I went straight to my son's bathroom. There were two candles burning. One candle caught my artificial flowers on fire just as I walked in!

As I struggled to put out the fire on the flowers and the candles, I realized that this was No Accident. I had been led straight to my son's bathroom to put out the fire before our home was lost.

I will never forget my Guardian Angel. That night, we were all saved from the fire.

How do I know it was my angel? I just know.

And my husband slept through it all!

Melinda B.
Oro Valley, AZ

I asked Melinda how she knew it was an angel who had guided her and she said there was a particular feeling to the event. She had experienced this same feeling during a previous angelic encounter. When I asked some psychics how they knew they were receiving information from Spirit Guides, they gave the same answer: the messages had a unique energetic feeling.

Idea of the Day

When we die, we leave behind our body and our possessions, but we take with us all that we have learned and mastered during the lifetime. Our soul evolves and the lessons we learn in one lifetime can be cherished on the other side and carried forward with us as "lessons already learned," in our next life; one less thing to worry about. When we overcome life challenges, we are not doing it just for a single lifetime. We are carrying the lessons forward for all of our subsequent lives. Then, in those lifetimes, we can work on new aspects of our selves. Makes it a little easier when we think about things this way, doesn't it?

Do you have circumstances in this lifetime which you think are the result of your mastery in previous lifetimes? Do you find that there are issues which other people deal with which you don't have to address at all? These may be things you mastered in a previous life.

Do you have concepts which you have learned in this lifetime which you will take forward with you? Let me know about the lessons you feel you are mastering. You can send your e-mails to me at Thanks! I love hearing from you!


12:03 pm mst

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