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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Whenever I drive long distances, I pass the time listening to audio books. For the last few weeks I have been listening to "Angels in My Hair," by Lorna Byrne (2009, Random House, NY). Lorna has seen angels since she was a small child. She spent years laughing and learning with angels and was thought to be mentally challenged because of the way she looked as she interacted with the real and angelic worlds. Lorna was raised in near-poverty in Ireland. While she never had much to show in terms of material goods, she felt very blessed to have her angels as friends and mentors.

What did I learn from this book? I learned that people see the world in many different ways. It's hard to imagine a world filled with angelic beings and it is difficult to comprehend that Lorna actually sees the stairways to Heaven which appear when people die. However, the lovely thing about the book was how Lorna gently explained the compassion and caring of angels. They whisper in our ears and encourage us to do the right thing.

According to Lorna, each person has their own Guardian Angel, as well as angels that help in certain circumstances, such as Healing Angels. The angels helped her see her future and they also showed her how to help other people. Now, she works to heal people from all over the world. Lorna explained that all we have to do is ask our angels for help. They can't help us unless we ask but, once we ask, they are ready to help. It's comforting to think that angels may be caring for the world.

What is the difference between an angel and a Spirit Guide? Angels are messengers who have not lived life in a physical body. They offer advice and wisdom, but don't interfere with our free will unless we are in mortal danger. Spirit Guides are entities who have lived on Earth and chosen to spend time on the other side guiding individuals on Earth. Both angels and Spirit Guides protect people and whisper messages. As long as we are receiving the messages, it doesn't really matter if the hints come from angels, Spirit Guides, God, or other helpful energies.

What have I heard about angels from the psychics who I interviewed? Raquel Spencer often works with angelic energy. She works with the energy of Archangel Metatron, as well as others, and she provides monthly energetic tune-ups and angelic healings. Delphina Nova believes that there are unseen angels who surround this planet with love. She encourages us to ask the angels to heal our planet. Jan Class had a near-death experience and saw several angels. Since then, she has seen and spoken with angels many times. Jan believes that we are all born with at least two angels to protect us so we can survive on Earth. Angels guide us every day whether or not we are aware of it.

Beth Hays, a flower essence practitioner, also works with angels and Archangels. She communicates with plant Devas which are the flower angels for each plant. Devas are similar to Archangels and Spirit Guides, except that they are specific to plants.

Denise Singerline often works with angels, including Archangels Michael and Rafael. She talks with her clients' angels and Guides and, when she does healing work, she asks Archangel Michael and his Angels of Protection to completely surround her with their wings and protect her.

Three people told me how angels had protected them from physical harm. Marianne Patyk told me, "I saw a huge angel in my doorway when I was in 7th grade. It protected me from something, but I am not sure what. I tried talking to her, but I couldn't talk. They also protected me when I had a car accident and should have been seriously injured, but I wasn't."

Delphina Nova explained that she had a pivotal experience when she was about 21. She said:

"I was assaulted in my apartment. A month before that assault an angel had come to visit me. This angel appeared in a physical human body, yet he was a real angel who I never saw again. At that time, I had a travel business and the angel came into my travel agency on a Saturday afternoon. The angel told me that he had something to tell me, but I didn't realize he was an angel, I thought he was just a stranger. Then I felt his energy and it felt very peaceful, loving and ethereal. I had never before experienced that feeling. He told me that someone was going to try to kill me. He had come to protect me and to give me a message of how to protect myself. He showed me what to do and told me what to say, then he disappeared. About three weeks later, a man assaulted me and fractured my collarbone. I used the words which the angel had told me and I realized then that I was protected and that the reason I didn't die during that experience was that there was a path for me which I needed to follow. That was the point where I really started following the path of my own heritage."

Erik Von Assman also had a life-changing angelic experience. He recalled:

"One of the most amazing things I ever saw occurred after my fiancé and I broke up. I wasn't in a very good place and I decided to kill myself. I walked out of the house with a great idea of how to kill myself. I was walking down the street and a woman just appeared in front of me - poof! She was covered in dark clothes, had sunglasses and was trying to cover up as much of herself as she could. She glowed. She grabbed me by the shoulder and it sent crazy shocks through me. It was more love than I had ever felt. She had a very sing-songy way of talking where everything rhymed and she told me not to hurt myself and that things would get better. She was located right in front of me. I don't know where she had come from, but she felt Angelic. I was in a state of shock for a couple of days after I met her. The intensity of her love was nothing short of supernatural."

Are you aware of angels in your life? Do you think that they support and protect you? Let me know what you think. Send your angelic experiences to Thanks!


10:21 am mst

Monday, August 22, 2011

As I am trying to make sense of all that I have learned, I am often asked, "Can Psychics See the Future?" This is my current answer. If you are psychic and have a different way of looking at things, please let me know by contacting me at

Psychics often see the direction a client's energy is flowing. They see if the energy will take the client where they want to go. They also see bits and pieces of the client's future. Because information comes in paragraphs, phrases, images and symbols, these pieces have to be assembled correctly to produce a clear view of the future. The pieces are part of an assemblage, a collage, a mosaic, a painting. Psychics are artists. The pieces are real, but because they require assembly, it can be difficult to see the future precisely. In addition, pieces and impressions are just part of the story. What people actually do matters.

As I understand things, each person agrees to an outline for his or her life before being born. Once a person is here, the person doesn't remember what was agreed upon or which lessons he or she is here to learn. However, the blueprint still exists and psychics can often access the blueprints and help clients see the overview of their life. This blueprint helps the psychic understand the person's future. For example, they can see if a person is destined for marriage, children or travel.

While the blueprint provides the broad brush strokes for lives, people use free will to fill in the details. Most things are not predestined. People have choices. So the psychics can see how the future will look, unless the person uses free will to change the outcome. This ability to change course is one of the positive things which can come from a psychic reading. If a psychic sees someone's future, and the person doesn't want that future, they can use free will to make the changes which bring a different future. For example, if a psychic sees illness on the horizon, the person can choose a healthier lifestyle to ward off disease. This change works unless the upcoming illness is part of the larger blueprint, part of the required life lesson.

While working on this project, I read several books written by psychics. In her book "Gifts of the Soul" (Llewellyn Worldwide, Woodbury, MN, 2008), Constance Rodriguez, Ph. D., provided a metaphor for seeing a client's past, present and future. She explained that doing a reading can be like traveling by airplane, looking down, and seeing a vehicle on a one-lane road. She can see where the driver has been and where he is going. She can see bends in the road which represent difficulties in life and she can see upcoming intersections where he must choose which road to take. It is as if she can see the person's past, present and potential future at the same time. She can see the road with the most energy with respect to the person's future.

When it comes to world issues, psychics' most-complete predictions come in prophetic dreams and visions. These experiences have a unique energy which indicates that they are prophetic. However, time frames may not be clear. The psychics have to wait and see if the dreams come true. And again, if the psychics see a world future which they don't like, they can enlist people to try to change that future.

In addition to glimpses of the future, psychics also see other kinds of information. They see the emotions surrounding issues, the decisions with which people struggle, health issues, strengths, weaknesses, personality traits, life challenges, and relationships with parents and children. They might also see relatives who have crossed or provide inspirational messages about how wise and wonderful people are and how people can gracefully overcome challenges. Readings are about more than just the future.

9:50 am mst

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Good morning. I haven't posted for a while because I've been busy working on my book about psychics, as well as taking care of life. Last Sunday I went to the Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair in Tucson and I had a reading which reinforced the timeline for my book. I'm trying to get a solid draft done right now so that I have something available at the October Psychic Fair. According to Sunday's reading, it's important that I have a book published by January because that is when this Project really takes off. In addition to working on the book, I'm also planning road trips in two directions to take my girls to their colleges later this month. I'm trying to write this blog, go to the grocery store, talk to my husband, spend time with my girls before they go back to school, visit my friends and pay my bills. I want to do it all!

I am balancing work and life which might seem a bit absurd given that I work at home and am my own boss. So this blog is about work/life balance . . . and also about a Shamanic Astrology reading.

Let's talk more about my latest experience at the Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair. I wanted to try something new. How did I select a psychic reader? I asked one of my psychic friends who I should pick and she said, "Try the new guy." Sometimes that's all it takes to decide who to see. It's that easy. A recommendation from a friend combined with a sense of adventure. A sense that no matter who I select, it will be interesting.

So, I talked with Erik Roth who does Shamanic Astrology. This type of astrology is based on the statement, "As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without." According to Erik, Shamanic Astrology is delivered in a non-judgmental way. It respects the cyclical nature of who we are as human beings. My actual experience was two-fold.

First, I really enjoyed what Erik had to say about where I was in my life. Apparently, I am in a cycle where I have the opportunity to set up the structure for what I will be doing for the next part of my life. He told me that I am nearing the end of the "structure" phase and preparing for things to take off in a new direction during the first half of 2012.

Second, I don't know much about astrology so parts of the reading were like listening to a foreign language: on my life purpose track, I have a combination of Gemini and Sagittarius. I have Cancer rising. I have the Virgo job in the Cancer Tribe? Is that what he said? My Venus is Cancer? What does this mean?!? It makes my head spin. I had no idea what he was talking about until he returned to my native English language. Then, it was enlightening. I was able to ask questions and Erik was able to answer them.

What can I share with you about this experience? Don't be put off if you don't understand what a psychic is talking about or if they use technical terms which you don't understand. Their underlying purpose is to assist you and they are happy to answer your questions when you don't understand the ideas they present. Erik graciously explained it all to me in English and it was just what I wanted to hear.

In addition, I have to commend Erik for being able to generate my chart on his computer and read the chart while telling me about it. No prep time. It amazes me when people can analyze information and talk about it at the same time. I am a ruminator. I have to think about information for quite a while before I can draw a conclusion or form an opinion (hence, year four of this Project!). In contrast, Erik was looking at the chart, seeing the technical points, talking to himself about the signs, then having to reframe the information so that he could present it in a way that I could understand. All at the same time.

Every psychic does something different. You will connect with some people more than others, and you will enjoy some working styles more than others. That's just part of the experience of having a reading. If I hadn't understood that I could ask for the information to be presented in a non-technical way, I wouldn't have gotten as much from the reading. And thank goodness I recorded the session, or all I would have remembered was that I didn't understand what he way saying.

As for the work/life balance, it's all about priorities. Each morning I take a quiet moment to decide my priorities for the day. I ask for energetic support so that I can cross a few things off of my "to do" list. I ask for inspiration so that I can write and I ask for assistance so that what I write makes sense to the people who read it (How's that going?).

Okay, I'm off to work on my book, plan a half-cross-country driving trip, give snacks to my dogs, go to the grocery store, and thank the Universe for the opportunity to have this wonderful life which fills my heart and my head! Thank you Universe!


P.S. If you have any tips for work/life balance feel free to share them on the Facebook site for My Psychic Search.

P.P.S. A big shout out to all of my friends who are in my heart, but who I haven't had time to call! You know who you are and I am thinking of you every day.

P.P.P.S. Erik Roth can be found at

12:09 pm mst

Monday, August 1, 2011

My blog is having some "technical difficulties." I hope to be up and posting again soon.
12:33 pm mst

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