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Friday, April 29, 2011

Limits to Psychic Ability

I have a few short thoughts to share, then I'll move on to today's question: Are there Limits to what Psychics can do?

1) Tucson's Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair will be held this Sunday,
May 1, 2011 from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the Windmill Inn on the southeast Corner of River and Campbell. I won't be set up there, but I may pop in for a sample reading. Always, always, fun.

2) Did anyone see Shirley MacLaine on Oprah's show last week? She spoke about metaphysical topics in a straight-forward way which inspired me. Sometimes, it's hard to talk about psychics and 2012 without people thinking I'm a little nuts. It was nice to see how this information can be presented in a clear, non-judgmental, way. And, she wore a beautiful chakra-balancing pendant. She never mentioned the pendant, but those of us who know, know.

3) I started reading a new book, The Lightworker's Way, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. (Hay House, 1997). I've heard of Doreen Virtue, but this is the first time I have read her material. So far, so good. It's easy to read, yet full of ideas worth mulling over.

4) I'm working on my book and it's coming along. I mentioned to one of my friends that I would like to have the book out before 2012. She asked me what was so special about 2012? I was very excited! She had not heard much about 2012. Most of the people I speak with know so much more than I know that it is refreshing to find that there are people who don't already know everything. I am hoping that these people are the audience for my book!

5) Now, let's get to an excerpt from the book. It answers the question:

Are there Limits to what Psychics can do?

Yes, there are limits to what psychics can do. Here are a few:

Psychics are only able to do what their gifts allow them to do.

Each reader has a personal set of skills. For example, some psychics can talk to the dead and some psychics can't talk to the dead. Some psychics see the future while other psychics see the emotions around a current issue, but can't see the future. It depends on their gifts.

Psychics can't read for people without the person's permission.

Reading someone without their permission is a violation of that person's privacy.

Psychics are not allowed to tell everything they know.

Psychics often know information which they are not allowed to share and this can be very difficult for them. The information cannot be shared either because the clients are not ready to hear the information, or the clients need to go through personal adversity so they can learn and grow. The psychics cannot interfere with another soul's destiny. In addition, most psychics are not allowed to predict death. Psychics often wonder why they are permitted to know things which they cannot share.

Not surprisingly, some clients say that they only want to hear the good, not the bad, and this also limits what psychics can tell them.

It is difficult to understand the time frames for future events.

Cherie Fraine explained that one of the difficult things about a reading is telling the difference between "spirit time" and "people time." Time is an artificial construct. There is no time on the other side and there is time on Earth. In spirit time, "soon" could be anything from tomorrow until three months from now. She has worked out a system with her Spirit Guides and the Universe to use Tarot cards to be precise about time. She had to work with her Guides for quite a while to get everyone organized so they could provide information in the specified time frames.

Psychics can't read clearly for themselves, their close family members or their friends.

Psychics usually can't read as clearly for themselves as they can read for other people so they don't always benefit from personal messages. They have to talk to other psychics to make sure that they are on their own right path.

Raquel Spencer, a Light Worker, commented:

"I can't even see my own life past the next three months! I never know what is coming. I have never been able to see my future. I think this is comfortable for me. If I knew what was coming, I might fight it. I might get in my own way. I have been trained to be okay with not knowing what was coming. If anyone had told me that I would have gone to Ireland, Maui, the Carribean, through the Panama Canal, and to Cost Rica in a three-month period, I would have told them that they were out of their mind! I would have blocked myself from being able to do it."

Furthermore, psychics often feel that messages for close friends and relatives could be colored by their own thoughts about the issues. Once they love somebody, it can be difficult to think logically and get straight answers.

Jackie Chin explained the information balance in her personal experience:

"Most readers cannot read for themselves or their immediate family members. I think this is because everyone has a right to their privacy. However, if there is an emergency, or something that is going to fully unbalance the family, then I do get information concerning the event. It may not be complete, but it will alert me to call, or do whatever I need to do, to see who is in trouble."

Psychics can't heal family members or friends.

Some psychics work on family members and friends while others are reluctant to do so. Delphina Nova provided a perspective on why she doesn't work on the people she is close to:

"It is almost like when someone is an authority figure, a minister, a priest, or a doctor; it's easy to abuse the power because we are human, so I have taken an oath not to work on family or friends."

So, now we know that psychics have both abilities and limits. If you are curious enough to find out more, either come to the Psychic Fair on Sunday, or send your questions to me at


9:56 am mst

Thursday, April 21, 2011

How does Intuition work?

Yesterday, I finished reading Extraordinary Knowing, by Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer, Ph.D. (Bantam Books, NY, 2007). This book examines scientific studies on psychic phenomena and intersperses the studies with anecdotes from people who have psychic abilities. Some of the science reviews are long and tedious, but the anecdotal information is very interesting.

The parts of the book which I most enjoyed discussed what happens when people have a psychic experience. The information in the book is completely consistent with the information shared by the psychics I interviewed. I love when that happens!

According to the book, one characteristic of psychic ability is that the harder one tries to glean information, the harder it is to receive information. Trying doesn't help. In addition to "tuning in" to information, people must also "tune out" the ordinary information which bombards their senses. People with "intuitive intelligence" have an innate ability to tune out distractions and connect to information.

One of the psychics, John Huddleston, spoke about his state of "relaxed focus." Here is what John had to say:

" . . . an important key to this state of mind is ‘no effort.' And that's quite ordinary, because if you think of a time when you tried hard to remember something, you know the more you tried to remember it, the more you pushed it down within you. However, when you relaxed and allowed it to emerge, it bubbled right up. You accomplished that with no effort. That's how intuition works. Effortlessness. It's easier than you think. Doing a reading is as effortless as opening a garden gate and stepping into a new landscape. I simply observe the garden; I don't have to create it.

"Another state of mind is discrimination. A reading is like observing a huge, moving, transforming mural: the client's health, relationships, family, joys and challenges, future - they're all there. So discerning what's important among all that is essential. Think of it as talking to a friend at a noisy, crowded party. You're able to screen out fifty other voices and hear the voice that's important. How do you do it? Well you just do. On a deeper level, spiritual discrimination is also what allows a mother to sleep through noisy trucks rumbling past, but awaken when her baby cries in the next room. And finally, a reading is also personally reflective in the way psychotherapists are aware that they learn from their patients. Remember when you nurtured a friend when he or she experienced a death in the family? That was also an opportunity for you to uncover and heal some of your own unresolved grief. In a reading, both the client and the reader have an opportunity to learn, heal, and grow.

"The truth is that everyone is psychic. Everyone is intuitive. Most people just block it out. Parents teach their kids to be sensible. They stifle the kids who learn that intuition is unacceptable behavior."

He goes on to say:

"It's ordinary because it's just there, all that information about the other person. All you have to do is get yourself out of the way. We're all connected, that's the point. We don't know it most of the time because we think we'd rather feel separate."

Helen Palmer was also interviewed for this book. She explained how she accessed intuitive information:

"Maybe 75% of the process lies in getting empty enough to watch the different inputs of my mind. I follow my abdominal breath until thoughts and feelings recede. The emptiness feels very nourishing, very soft and intimate. You lose awareness of the room, your body, your face. That all goes, but there's a separate awareness that stays. I need time to get empty, so I'm not anticipating, not resisting anything that wants to appear, before I focus on anything. Otherwise I get confused about where I am inside and can't tell the difference between an accurate impression and my own fantasy projections.

"Once you're internalized, you establish a focal object, not trying for anything. The focal object is an imagined representation of whatever you need to contact. It could be a meditation symbol that you want to unite with, or an inner picture of some real-world event. You focus, then wait. You doubt and you stay there anyway. You just keep shifting attention back to the focal object, until it starts to capture your attention. Then you're ready. The process is the same if you're focused on a ‘world' question or knowing about spiritual matters, but it takes very precise concentration for spiritual knowing."

She goes on to say:

"Meanwhile, you are so far removed from the room and yourself and the passage of time that you become whatever that focus is, so you know it from the inside. You participate with whatever you're reading in a certain sense. You read another person accurately because you are them; you know them from the inside because you've stopped being separate. Then the thing is to track how you yourself get in the way. You have to make sure your placements of attention are precise so you're not projecting. That's why my teaching is so focused on knowing yourself and what you're likely to project into a reading; that's the only way to get reliable with intuition.

"Intuition operates from a different state than ordinary consciousness; quite decisively different from ordinary consciousness. If you don't know that, if you don't know how to shift back and forth between states, then you can start to feel very crazy, especially when you can't immediately verify what you know. You need a conceptual framework that keeps you feeling normal. That's essential. I did feel unstable early on, not about the states I went into, which were comforting actually, but I felt such a terrible loneliness. I felt like a freak. As I learned more, I realized the amazing thing was to be so located. My clairvoyance could locate people at a distance or at different points in time, so any accuracy on my part automatically located us both in a greater reality that people need to know is kindly and real. Clairvoyance isn't a mind-to-mind thing, like reading people's thoughts. It lets us see a much larger pattern of existence."

This "much larger pattern of existence" becomes a theme of "connectedness" in the book. People who have extraordinary abilities continually report that even though our ego tells us that we are separate from each other, on a deeper level we know that we are somehow connected. Trees are used as an analogy for connectedness. When we look at trees in a forest they appear to be separate from each other. But if we go underground, we see that they are all connected by their intertwined root systems. Similarly, if we could scan unconscious minds, we would see that we are all unconsciously connected.

The psychics talk about moving between two states of awareness. Deb Mangelus says:

"Over time, as you go in and out of seeing the way I see, you get better at it. When I was a child, it was just natural; it just happened. I didn't work at it. But when you start calling on it in a way that's more disciplined, it's different. You have to begin recognizing what helps get you there and you have to deepen that. But while you can work at it; you can't overthink it. Thinking about it gets in the way. It's a funny balance, I have to let go of thinking while I'm seeing the way I see. Ordinary thinking, that is.

"So I actually forget the things I see - I mean, I'll forget in my regular life. In my regular life, I'll even be friends with people I've done sessions for. I'll be with them and I won't remember what I've seen about them. It's like it comes from somewhere else. But then if we have another session - even ten, fifteen years later - what I saw before comes back, vividly. My mind switches back."

According to the psychics, they switch between rational knowing and intuitive knowing. As they learn to shift back and forth, they learn to trust it. The shift gets easier, quicker and more automatic.

Dr. Mayer says that once you have the experience of seeing or knowing, even just once, you understand that it exists, even if you can't yet explain it scientifically.

Has this happened for you? Have you had an intuitive experience which confirms the possibilities for psychic phenomena? If so, please let me know about your experience by e-mailing your story to me at or posting it on Facebook at "My Psychic Search." I haven't done much with the Facebook page, but it sure would be an interesting place to hear about people's experiences.


10:03 am mst

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Week in Review

For the past week, I've been dabbling in things which might interest you.

I went to last Sunday's Psychic Fair and met several interesting people, including people who are now asking me to interview them. It is so nice to know that people want to be part of this project! Also, a big "thank you" to everyone who signed up to follow the blog.

At the Fair, I sat down for a moment with a psychic who I didn't know so that I could find out what he did and ask if I could refer people to him. Our introduction went from a quick hello to a long discussion of things which I can barely remember. I didn't have my tape recorder so I'm not exactly certain what he told me. However, our interaction was interesting because buckets of words were pouring from his mouth and I didn't understand what he was saying. He kept telling me things, but what I heard was one really long run-on sentence. As soon as I thought I had grasped one concept, there was another one and another one! At one point, I told him that I didn't understand what he was saying and he told me that my mind didn't need to understand all of it, but I needed to hear it on some level. Something in me needed to hear the words which were coming through and he suspected that something in him also needed to hear those same words. The words were just flowing out of him.

The one thing I do remember him saying was that my psychic ability was feeling. I have been told this before, yet I feel like my least activated ability is feeling. I think a lot. People always tell me that thinking gets in the way of experiencing psychic phenomena, but I can't turn off the thinking. My brain keeps trying to make sense of everything. Psychics often tell me: "Stop thinking so much! Your psychic ability is feeling."

So what am I thinking about? I am still reading the book "Extraordinary Knowing" by Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer, Ph.D. (2007) Before I tell you about the book, I want to tell you about the experience I had with the book yesterday. I picked it up and started reading and it was a fabulous moment. I read a paragraph without an ad popping up, without a video starting, without a survey blocking the page I was reading. I remembered why books, magazines and newspapers were such a pleasure to read - no Internet distractions! If anything saves the printed page, I think it will be the fact that we can concentrate on the material without distraction. You may have noticed that there aren't any ads on my website. It is that way by design!

Now, back to the book. What was I reading about? I was reading about how we have science on one hand, and psychic experiences on the other hand. People can accept science and people can accept psychic knowing, but people have a hard time accepting them both at the same time. It is like looking at an optical illusion. You can see things one way, then you can see them the other way, but you can't see both images in an optical illusion at the same time. The mind needs to move back and forth between these perspectives. According to this book, there is a lot of scientific evidence for "extraordinary knowing," but science doesn't know what to do with the information because it doesn't fit with our current rational, scientific models. When studies are published in scientific journals, they are deeply criticized and reviewers attempt to discredit the scientists. Yet the data show that "anomalous" information can be verified. Because scientists don't have a frame of reference for this material, they go back and forth between banging their fists on the table and saying the studies are flawed, and remembering what it was like when some sort of anomalous event happened in their own lives. The core issue is that our belief systems hold us back from accepting scientific data about extraordinary knowing. We don't believe it is possible, yet we have the scientific evidence. How can we think about this?

Elizabeth Mayer quotes a psychic, Helen Palmer, who says,

"The level of intuition we're talking about is a very different variety of knowing than the knowing we call rational. It's different in kind. And you cannot, simply cannot, engage in both kinds of knowing at the same time. This degree of intuitive knowing relies on different, subtler signals than rational knowing. Those signals only become perceptible with a shift in consciousness, a shift out of rational thinking. That's a jolt for intellectually trained people to realize. But as you learn to shift back and forth, you learn to trust it. And the shift gets easier - quicker and more automatic."

We have to accept a paradox. Each way of seeing things is true. We have to entertain two incompatible ideas at once. We have to look at the data as presented and if they don't add up, we have to accept that one of the characteristics of the data is that they don't add up. Not yet. Interesting.

Here's another short topic from my week: Last Friday I listened to a presentation by Brent Baum who wrote the book, "Living as Light." He was talking about "Holographic Memory Resolution and the Awakening of Mystical Consciousness."

According to Brent, traumatic memories are stored in specific places in the body. These memories cause pain and when he examines pain in a client's body, it can often be remedied by neutralizing the traumatic memories. These memories have colors associated with them. People can change the colors and re-frame their memories. During this process, clients need to prove to themselves that they are not still stuck in the moment when the traumatic event occurred and sealed in the memory. Brent showed us the process he goes through with patients to stop their pain. The process helps the patient re-capture how they felt at the traumatic moment, then heal that moment to resolve the pain.

This presentation reminded me of several techniques which the psychics and energy workers had told me that they used to help their clients. This approach to healing helped the patient release the traumatic memory and the associated pain. Again, interesting work.

So that's my week. How about you? Anything exciting to report? You can always contact me at


2:41 pm mst

Friday, April 1, 2011

Extraordinary Knowing and Chakra-Balancing Jewelry

Good morning. Things have been quiet here in terms of My Psychic Search. I've spent the last couple of weekends at crafts fairs. In between, I've been working on my own book and reading a book entitled, Extraordinary Knowing by Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer, Ph.D. (2007). In her book she describes "anomalous" knowing (knowing things which can't be known logically) and the scientific attempts to understand how people can know things which they couldn't possibly know. Ah, my kind of book!

As I am reading Dr. Mayer's book, I keep trying to know something I can't know, but nothing is coming to me. One of the studies she discusses was done in 2001 and used brain imaging on Buddhist meditators and Franciscan nuns who were in deep meditation. The study looked at blood flow within their brains. The scientists expected to find that certain areas of the brain "lit up" during meditation. Instead, they found that certain areas of the brain "went dark." The areas of the brain which controlled how we orient ourselves in space and how we know we are separate from everything else, were quiet. Closing down these parts of the brain, produced a sense of oneness or connectedness with everything else. The sense of separation from other people, or the world, evaporated. Once people understood that everything was connected, they were able to obtain information because they were already connected to the information source. Interesting, eh? I'll have to ask the psychics if they "tune in" to information, or "tune out" information.

If you would like to get a glimpse of "extraordinary knowing," talk to a psychic at the Psychic Fair this Sunday, April 3, 2011. I will be set up with my Wild Girls! and chakra-balancing jewelry. The Fair runs from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the Windmill Inn on the southeast corner of River Road and Campbell Avenue in Tucson, AZ. Please stop by and share your stories with me.

Would you like to know more about the chakra-balancing jewelry which I sell? The chakras are the seven power points in the human body which circulate the energy of life. Wearing chakra pendant jewelry helps clear the energy flow of the chakras. This jewelry aligns the energy flowing through the body, harmonizes energies, and increases well-being.

I find that when I wear a chakra pendant, I become filled with nervous energy. It builds and builds until I remember to ask it, "Do you have a message for me?" After that, it seems to explode and I am filled with calm. Has this happened to anyone else?

I have exquisite chakra pendants in stock. They feature semi-precious gemstones set in silver or applied to crystals. Some of the stones are faceted and some are cabs. If you won't be coming to the Psychic Fair, you can see many of these pendants on the Chakra Jewelry page of this website.

Chakra stones include:

Aquamarine/Blue Topaz
Carnelian, and

In addition, some of the pendants also have moonstones.

Metaphysical properties of these Gemstones

Amethysts are known as the stone of spirituality. They calm and soothe emotions, and create a protective energy field around the wearer. This stone is associated with the Crown Chakra located at the top of the head.

Iolite helps us stay in the moment and bring harmony within. This stone is associated with the third eye Chakra centered above the eyebrows.

Aquamarine is an excellent stone for meditation. The stone emanates peace and if you project your energy into the aquamarine and think about another person, it can bring peace to that person. This stone is associated with the throat Chakra.

Peridot brings abundance and prosperity. It enhances the harmony of relationships and strengthens ESP abilities. This stone is associated with the heart Chakra.

Citrine provides a powerful alignment with the Higher Self. It balances emotions, brings joy and attracts abundance. This stone is associated with the solar plexus Chakra located below the breastbone.

Carnelian opens the heart and the connection to the inner self. It can increase perception and inspiration. It can keep people focused during high stress events. Carnelian also enhances physical energy, creativity and compassion. This stone is associated with the sacral Chakra located below the navel.

Garnet is a stone of health. Garnet reflects the attributes of devotion. It stimulates the base and crown Chakras for a free-flow of energy. It is generally associated with the base Chakra located at the base of the spine.

Moonstone cleanses negativity from the Chakras. It acts as mirror for the person wearing it, helping them to see themselves more clearly.

Please send your comments and questions to me at

Hope to see you Sunday!


11:05 am mst

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