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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Are psychics pleased to have their abilities or are they a burden?

Personally, I think it would be cool to be psychic, to have a glimpse of the Universe and a clue about the future. I was surprised to find that while most psychics felt that way today, they didn't always feel that way. Psychic ability comes to people in three ways and the way that it arrives has a big impact on how psychics feel about their abilities.

First, some psychics are born knowing their gifts and understanding that they are here on Earth to use those gifts. For these people, there is an adjustment period to life on Earth. After the adjustment, they are very happy to have their gifts and to share them.

One of the psychics noted that she was very pleased to have her abilities. It was just a question of learning to accept herself. Once she realized who she was and what she could do, it was very exciting.

Second, some psychics are born with gifts, but don't know what they have. They just feel like they don't fit in on Earth. These people often find that their abilities are a burden until they figure out that they are gifted, not crazy, and that their special abilities can assist other people. Once they realize what is happening, they become very pleased with their gifts.

For example, Beth Hays commented:

"They used to be a burden; now, I am pleased. They were a burden because I could not understand why other people could not understand what I knew. Eventually, in standing up for my abilities, they stopped being a burden and turned out to be the authentic me."

Jeff Sonnenburg provided a different perspective, "When you are born with it, you usually do have moments when you think it is a burden because you can't turn it off. You can be considered different from your peers." Eventually, the psychics all learned to turn their abilities on and off, as needed.

Delphina Nova explained how her thoughts about her abilities had shifted as she matured:

"As a young child, I felt my abilities were more of a curse than a gift. For example, when dating, I knew what people were thinking . . . . Now, I think it is a blessing. I claimed it for myself when I realized that I am supposed to have this blessing and that it is okay. I said ‘Yes' to the Creator who made me how I am. I realized that I have this gift so that I can help people. There is nothing to fear. I will just deal with whatever comes up and, hopefully, I can help."

Another psychic commented that she loves her abilities because they make her more fun!

Denise Singerline pointed out that once she understood what was happening, she was very pleased with her abilities because she could use her gifts to create healers. She teaches classes and trains people. She added:

"I wake them up. It is amazing to see people coming in with all of their drama and problems, then they change. Their lives improve and they are able to help other people. People are on a clearer path."

As one psychic put it:

"I am so blessed! I am so pleased to have these abilities. I feel honored to do this work. I meet amazing people."

Third, some psychics were not born with extra-ordinary abilities, but they developed them later in life. Most of these people worked hard to develop their abilities and were very happy to have them. One psychic whose gifts opened as a teenager told me that she was very pleased. She considered her abilities to be a gift from G-d and she loved making the most of them.

But what if you didn't work to develop them and they just showed up? One woman who became a Medium in her 40s commented, "At first I wasn't happy, but I wouldn't say that they were a burden. I wasn't pleased to talk to the other side, but I got used to it. Now, I find that it is comforting."

An empath answers: Would you prefer not to be psychic?

Erik Von Assman commented that his empathic abilities were sometimes an emotional burden. However, this wasn't the first lifetime he had been psychic. He would like to be a little more balanced and wise about the information which comes to him. For example, sometimes he can perceive what is going to happen, but he mixes up the way that he thinks about it.

When I asked if he would prefer not be psychic, he answered, "I would be terrified and broken if that were to happen. It would ruin me to the core." He is very pleased to have his abilities even though coping with them can be difficult.

What do you think about your psychic abilities? Was there a learning curve before you learned to enjoy being psychic? Tell me about your experiences at


8:51 am mst

Monday, March 14, 2011

Double-Blog: Tucson Festival of Books and the Great Time of Tranformation

Tucson Festival of Books

I just spent two days at the Tucson Festival of Books - what fun! I attended workshops on writing and publication and I ran into many friends; some current ones and a few people who I had not seen in years. Books bring us all together. Well, maybe not books, but the love of new ideas and new ways of expressing them.

Each large book event that I attend has a completely different character. The San Diego event focused on fresh ways to enhance the author/reader relationship and innovative ways to publish books. Tucson's event was so big that there were many areas of emphasis. I took the workshops, scoured the booths, and talked to authors. I heard the personal stories of writers who became published authors and I took a workshop called "Deep Editing." Deep Editing? Ah, editing beyond the basic "use active verbs and picture nouns." I attended a panel on spirituality where the authors talked about the evolution of their personal belief systems and how they learned to take the best of each religion, distill it, and incorporate it into their beliefs. This sounds very much like the spiritual messages relayed by the psychics. And, speaking of inspiration, I heard all about the ways in which companies and authors are bringing their messages to their audiences via the Internet. In the future, as books become more interactive, it may be difficult to tell the difference between a website and a book. For example, you might buy an e-book and find that instead of an Introduction written by the author, there is a video of the author introducing the book. Interesting, eh?

In addition to the workshops, there were hundreds of booths where I could talk to freelance editors, authors, and groups promoting their cause. I asked for tips on finding an editor. I am not yet ready for one (heaven knows I have plenty of self-editing to do first!), but eventually I will need a professional editor to work on the book. How do you know if an editor is any good? How do you know if you can work with a particular person? What is the protocol for screening editors? I heard two answers: make sure that they are part of a professional editor's association so you know that they are competent, and ask a friend for a recommendation. Apparently, editors are screened the same way that psychics are screened: ask for a recommendation!

What about psychic connections? At last year's Festival I ran into many people with psychic abilities. As I was casually chatting with people before workshops or in line for lunch, I told them that I was working on a project about psychics and they told me about their intuitive abilities and experiences. This year that kind of conversation didn't happen. Instead, I had one long psychic conversation when I ran into Delphina Nova as she was promoting her book, "Turtle's Dream." Delphina and I talked about the earth changes and she explained how the dead fish washing up in California last week were related to the earthquake and tsunami a few days later. The earth is changing and we are all part of this change. Last night, Delphina sent the "Guest Blog" which you can read below.

Here's something from the Festival which I thought was interesting: many author's views of how to publish a book in the future are completely dependent on their previous experience. Sounds right, but it shows how slowly the traditional publishing model is changing. Many established authors who have published through the large publishing houses, expect to continue working that way and encourage people to go the route of the query letter/agent/editor/publishing house. However, new authors see how self-publication allows much more content control and speed. Established authors understand that it takes years for a book to come out - that's just how it is. New authors can't wait. We want people to start using the information in our books right away. We lack patience. Of course, there is always the hybrid: the established author who suddenly realizes how much more efficient self-publishing is than traditional publishing. They can connect directly with their audience. In addition, because they have an established following, they can self-publish, sell many books, and keep a much higher percentage of the sales price than they could keep using the traditional model.

Another new idea: In the past, a few elite authors published books and large audiences read them. In the future, everyone will be able to publish books, but only a few people will read them. The creation of books will be woven into the fabric of every day life. For example, people will publish their personal books about family history, or baby's first year, or poetry, for a limited audience of family and friends. It will become economical to write for a small, niche audience. Anyone can become a published author. A whole new personal publishing infrastructure is emerging to support this kind of work.

So, is this a blog about psychics or about publishing? It's both! It's my journey through the daily-changing world of publishing to bring you information about the daily-changing world of psychic knowledge. All good.

Please contact me at if you have comments or questions about psychics, publishing, or anything else!

Okay, here are Delphina's insights regarding current events and the changes on Earth.

Guest Blog:

The Great Time of Transformation is Upon Us
by Delphina Nova

In my August 2010 blog, I spoke of rapid changes, a quickening of events that would happen on Earth, starting with rapid Earth changes in 2011. Sharing my dream in September 2010, I said there would be a series of 3 warnings that would happen to prepare us before an earthquake happens in North America.

Three Warnings

1) Super-sensitive people, elders and intuitives would feel changes and many would feel faint and dizzy.

2) Animals would come to warn us. Our own pets would do strange things to get our attention and wild animals that don't normally live in our environment would show up to help warn of impending danger.

3) Water would suddenly rise around the world. Water would rise in the Sonoran Desert.

When we see these things happening, a huge earthquake is imminent. The number 11 was given.

Events Coming True

In the fall of 2010, I spoke to many children, intuitives and elders who felt light-head and dizzy and who were having problems with balance. I watched pigeons and birds do strange things to get my attention. Five minutes to the hour of midnight, December 31, 2010 before the New Year, thousands of birds suddenly dropped dead on the ground in Arkansas and in Louisiana. Thousands of fish suddenly died overnight on the New Madrid Fault line. In China and Japan, eagles dropped from the sky. In many parts of the world, including Sweden, Italy and South America, tons of fish and birds suddenly died.

Christchurch, New Zealand, is still recovering from an earthquake on a newly-opened fault line. Japan is in shock from the recent 9.0 earthquake and tsunami, as well as the new threat of partial nuclear meltdowns. The West Coast, from Alaska to South America, including the Pacific Islands, are still on high alert for possible tsunamis.

What is Called For In These Times

Stay Centered - It is very easy to go into the place of fear at this time. Watching the news, one can begin to feel a surreal feeling, along with a desire to help and a sense of detachment. There is a visual connection, a connection of the heart, but a disconnection of the physical. This leads to a feeling of despair and a feeling of spaciness, as we watch scenes of chaos. Since everyone and all life are connected energetically, we are being impacted by the energy wave which has impacted Japan and the West Coast.

Get Grounded - Get your feet on the earth. Take your shoes off. Send love from the bottom of the soles of your feet into the Earth. Lay full body on the ground. Allow yourself to experience emotions that come up. Allow yourself to cry your sadness - to release the waters within your cellular body.

Very Important - If anger comes up to be healed, avoid sending into the Earth. Mother Earth has enough to deal with at this time. It is up to us to transmute and release our own emotions in a safe creative way and take full responsibility of our actions right now.

Hydrate - Drink plenty of fresh water. Remember to bless the water prior to drinking it. Shower and bathe in the water and release tears in the water. By doing this, you are releasing toxins stored in your joints and helping the Earth release pressure stored in her geological body.

Turn Off Your TV - Turn your television and news sources off and stop watching visuals. Watching repeated scenes will affect your central nervous system.

Do Not Be Afraid - We are living in the time of the Great Earth Changes. Do not fear these times. Mother Earth, Turtle Island, knows what to do as pressure is released and waters cleanse. This is not the end of the world, but the world as we know it. Abrupt  changes are at hand as Uranus, the planet of change, the great awakener, wakes us all up as to what is really important on Earth. Astrologically, Uranus being in Aries brings Fire, associated with volcanoes, earthquakes, meteors and yes - nuclear meltdowns, in our personal lives and on the Earth.

Nourish Yourself - Trust your intuition. Meditate. Pray. Nourish yourself. Stay calm. Help ground yourself by hiking in nature, doing yoga or tai-chi and walking barefoot as much as possible.

- Get bodywork, healing. Familiarize yourself with essential oils.

- For people on the West Coast and on the Ring of Fire, eat kelp, spirulina and iodine.

- Connect with your animal companions. They are our wisest guides and they sense changes in the weather and on the Earth long before seismologists.

- Know everything is happening for the highest good of the planet and ultimately for each of us.

- Light a candle. Pray. Send light and love to Japan and to all the areas and people who live on the Ring of Fire.

- Remember the power of a smile or hug. Deep in our hearts, we know what to do right now.

All My Relations,
Delphina Nova

Delphina Nova is a Native American spiritual advisor of Algonquin/Abenaki ancestry. A spiritual healer, geo-empath, Spirit-talker, Dreamer and animal messenger, she is the author of Turtle's Dream and Heart of Gold.

1:56 pm mst

Friday, March 11, 2011

Quote from a Psychic:

"People keep getting the same lessons in G-d's universe in order to give them the opportunity to change . . . They have to stop for a second and try to get the lesson. If they can't get it on their own, they should get help. A reader can provide a different perspective on the situation."
Shirli Millmond

8:31 pm mst

Friday, March 4, 2011

Are psychic experiences real?

People ask me, "Are psychic experiences real? Can people really gather information from an unseen universe?" I think they do! I'm still not certain how they do it, or why it works, but the people I talk to are wise. They know things about the universe and they have a broad view of life on Earth. They see the big picture of why we are here. It's fascinating.

During psychic readings, people have told me things about my life which I know are true, but which they had no logical way of knowing. By nature, I am a bit skeptical. I wonder, "If I can't hear information from the ethers, how can they do it?" But time after time they prove to me that they have a handle on both large ideas and small insights. They provide new perspectives on the issues in my life.

I have a bit of an advantage over most people when it comes to assessing psychic abilities. I have spoken with many, many psychics about their lives and their talents. I have also spoken with many "normal" people who have shared their specific gift with me. One person sees ghosts, another person knows when people are within three days of dying, a third person has both premonitions and a brother who is a healer. Personally, I had a friend come to me in a dream to say "good-bye" the day before he died. Really? I still wonder about that dream.

Another advantage I have is that I belong to a Psychic Explorers group. Each month, we discuss what we have experienced since the previous meeting. Some of these people are very tuned in to Spirit Guides, energy, and information. They just know things. Of course the group has a full range of members, some just beginning to explore, some reading Tarot cards, and some completely connecting with barely any effort. The "connectors" bring a lot of information to our group.

At one Psychic Explorers meeting, people shared their experiences with Spirit Guides and their stories ranged from "not sure we made contact" to "I know him personally." There were questions about how to discern information from a Spirit Guide versus information from angels, our Higher Selves or Spirit. The general answer was that it was often difficult to tell where information came from and it probably didn't matter. All information sources were valuable. People in that group hear voices and see light energy. One woman remarked that information often came to her in the car. She thought that driving put her in a semi-hypnotic state of mind and allowed messages to come through. Some people talked about how they were never sure what was real and what was their imagination. They commented that the meetings were the only place they could talk about these kinds of things. Outside of the meetings, they were surrounded by people who might think they were crazy if they shared their personal, psychic experiences.

People who know I am fascinated by this topic often share their stories with me. One of my friends recently told me about a dream where he saw his deceased father and floated upwards, out of his body, with this man. He might have kept going, but he thought about his wife and knew he couldn't leave her behind. He awoke gasping for breath. Was this a near-death experience or a terrifying dream? Was it a hint from the universe that dying can be like moving through a dream? I don't have a definitive answer. All I can say is that people tell me their stories and they confess their confusion, but all of the information seems to reinforce what the psychics have said: we are here on earth to have experiences. We are here to taste and to see, to fall in love and to fall out of love; just to see what those experiences feel like. And when we have learned our lessons, we travel back to the other side, look at the big picture, take a break, then decide if we want to go around again.

Is it real? Yes. Is it a dream? Maybe. Perhaps life on Earth is an illusion. We all agree to the rules of the illusion so we can keep trying new things and having new adventures.

And speaking of dreams. I have very vivid, full color, highly-detailed dreams. What do these dreams mean? Do they mean anything? Just my mind wandering? My mind wandering into a different dimension? Who knows?

This is what psychic experiences are like. It's hard to know what is "real" and what isn't real. The psychics predict some things about my life which don't come true but, more often, they are spot on. Is it a coincidence when they are correct or is the information just too cloudy to see clearly all the time? There's enough there to make a psychic reading more-than-worthwhile, yet the readings aren't 100% accurate.

I started My Psychic Search with an interest in how psychics accessed information and I have learned so much more than that! I have learned why we are here on earth, what happens when we die and why we keep coming back. I have learned about the Wheel of Incarnation and how all things are connected. I have learned this information from a variety of people who live this kind of connected life. Not from books; from real people with direct connections. What proof do I have that there is a world beyond our five senses? Just the direct experiences and knowledge of the people who tell their stories to me. Right now, that is enough.

* * * *

If you are interested in speaking with a psychic and having your own experience, the Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair will take place this Sunday, March 6, at the Windmill Inn in Tucson. The Windmill Inn is located on the southeast corner of River and Campbell Roads and the Fair runs from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.

11:52 am mst

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