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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Southern CA Writer's Conference

I just returned from a 3-day Writer's Conference in San Diego, CA. What a blast! I met wonderful, wise, writers and teachers. I learned about new technologies which connect writers and readers. There is a sea change in the publishing industry right now. The old model of authors who seek agents who seek editors who wait to be blessed by Publishing Houses is weakening. Authors are joining a revolution. Technology is allowing writers to get their ideas straight to their readers. No intermediaries. No waiting for rejection letters (thank goodness!).

But the writing has to be good. There is still plenty of room for excellent editors.

I spent three days attending writing and publishing workshops, then I spent late evenings at "Rogue Writing" sessions where we listened to new material being read aloud, then commented on the writing and whether or not the topic appealed to us. There are some amazing writers out there! I write a kind of logical non-fiction, but some people have grand imaginations and are creating worlds on paper. Well-written worlds on paper. It's easy to be impressed by the work of these authors.

In addition to the writing, we often discussed technology. It is very difficult to be published by one of the large publishing houses unless you are already a celebrity. In contrast, there are small genre-driven publishing houses which work with debut authors. In addition, the major new emphasis is on self-publishing. The keys to self-publishing seem to be writing great material, growing an audience prior to publication, and finding a good self-publishing company. Even with self-publishing, you still need a unique, eye-catching book cover and great editing. There are companies which help authors with these aspects of their book-publishing journey.

What else is very-new in publishing? It is now okay to put material on-line before it is published. In the past, publishing houses frowned on releasing information prior to publication. All the material in the book needed to be fresh. Now, the publishing world has come to see that releasing some material prior to publication allows the author to build a community of readers who might be interested in a book once it is published. In addition, representatives from publishing houses now cruise the Internet looking for promising writers and their material. Once on-line, there are many opportunities to meet people working in the publishing field.

The world is changing and, in some ways, it is improving! The huge shake-up in the publishing industry may benefit all the writers and the readers. There will be a torrent of new books available on the Internet (both hard-copy and electronic). Some will be good and some will be poorly-written. In either case, the readers will have the opportunity to propel the good material into the stratosphere.

Where am I in this process? I finally have the first draft, a large overview, of the material I want to publish. However, I think I have more than one book and I have to sort (and re-sort) this material. My Psychic Search answers three major questions:

What do psychics do and how does being psychic affect their lives?
How can people benefit from working with psychic readers? 
What have I personally learned from My Psychic Search?

Plus, I have all of the amazing interviews.

How many books should I publish? As readers of this blog, what do you want to know? Should I write a whole book on how you can improve your life by working with the insights from psychic readers? Would you rather have a book on what it is like to be psychic: how they knew they were psychic, what they tap into and how it plays out in their lives? Would you prefer one big book which covers all of these topics? Or, would you rather just read the interviews in the psychics' own words?

If you have preferences, let me know via e-mail, Thanks!


1:51 pm mst

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Are "You" your thoughts?
Or are You the Thinker
Behind the thoughts?
When you remember who is in control,
Life is so much easier . . .

Gary C. Kossman
8:27 pm mst

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gems and Readings

Right now, the huge international Gem Show is in Tucson. Hotels are full of rocks, gems and jewelry. Temporary tents have popped up to accommodate vendors from around the world. What does this mean to you? It means that I have been able to find even more chakra-balancing jewelry which may help you on your spiritual journey. In addition to the chakra wands and pendants previously shown on the Chakra Jewelry and Wands page of this website, I also have new pendants with semi-precious gemstones on Carnelian and Blue Lapis, and chakra-balancing wands on Black Tourmaline. Carnelian is the stone of power, ambition and drive. This stone is very helpful when making choices and decisions. It is an action stone which activates and energizes personal power and it also protects the wearer from negative emotions. This stone balances the sacral chakra which is related to sexual energy. If you would like to purchase a piece of Carnelian chakra-balancing jewelry, let me know. Photos of all the pendants and wands can be found on the Chakra Jewelry and Wands page.

In addition to the regular gem show, many people are in town for  for the Metaphysical Gem Show and to be part of the spiritual energy in Tucson. Psychic readers are holding events and the Psychic Fair will be held this Sunday, February 13, 2011, at the Windmill Inn. I won't be set up at the Psychic Fair this month, but I may visit just because it is fun. In honor of all the people who are getting psychic readings this week, I thought I would post an update on preparing for a reading.

But first, please wish me luck on a writer's conference I will be attending next week. I have been working hard to prepare for the conference. Who knows who I will meet? I'm excited about the idea of finding a publisher for my book. Perhaps I should wear a Carnelian stone? I'll let you know how it goes.

On to today's topic:

What should a client do to prepare for a psychic reading?

There are several things to keep in mind when preparing for a psychic reading. The following list of suggestions will help people get their best possible readings.

1) Clients should focus on what they want to know.

At the beginning of the session, the client should tell the psychic about any specific topics they want to discuss. Psychics can talk about a wide variety of subjects, but they won't know to focus on a specific area, such as health, career or love, unless the client lets them know that is why the client has come to them.

In most cases, if someone comes to a reader and says, "Read me," it's too broad. For the psychic, it's like seeing a roadmap. The psychic needs to know which way to go or they might go down the wrong road. It's a perfectly fine road, and the information is solid, it's just not the road that takes the client where they want to go. On the other hand, if the reader knows where the client wants to go, they just might get them there in no time at all.

In addition, if the client has a certain question in mind, they should ask about it specifically. When the client asks the question, it opens their energy and allows someone to give them an answer. One of the psychics pointed out that the Universe answers general questions in a general way. If the client wants to know something in detail, they should ask specific questions. If they don't take the time to figure out exactly what they want to ask, how can they get the answer?

On the other hand, some psychics prefer to begin with an "open reading." They begin by providing all of the information coming from their Guides and the client's Guides. They start with the information the Guides want the person to hear. Once this part of the reading is complete, clients can ask questions. Clients should ask psychics in advance how they prefer to work.

People who are trying to make progress in a particular area of their life and go to a reader who provides helpful oils or botanicals should be very clear about the outcome which they seek. In addition to knowing what the problem is, they should have an idea of what they want to accomplish so the reader knows which oils or botanicals might work for them. It is often easier to say what is wrong than it is to pin down what people really want. Clients have to know what their answer feels like. This action forces people to jump on board with the Law of Attraction and to create the solution they seek.

2) Clients should prepare a list of questions.

Several psychics suggested that clients write down a list of questions before consulting a reader. They may not get answers to all of their questions, but if they put them in priority order, they should get the answers which are most important to them.

3) Before the reading, clients can ask the Higher Realms and/or people who have crossed over to assist with the reading.

People can ask the Higher Realms for specific answers to be brought forth during a reading. They can also ask for specific people who have already passed to come through during a sitting. There are no guarantees as to who will show up, but it doesn't hurt to talk to a loved one before a session and ask them to try to come through. However, remember to listen to, and enjoy, whoever actually does come through. People should try not to be so focused on hearing a specific message that they miss the rest of the reading.

4) Clients must come "clean."

Clients need to have a clear mind. They should not drink alcohol or take drugs before a session. People should not have a reading when they are highly depressed, or suicidal. This type of energy can complicate the reading.

5) Clients would be wise to bring a voice recorder or a pad of paper and a pen.

People should bring a voice recorder or a pad of paper and a pen so that they can remember what the reader has told them. Because of the energy in the room, voice recorders don't always work, so it's smart to bring along the paper and pen even if you have a recorder.

6) Clients should come with an open heart and an open mind.

Try to come to a reading with an open heart and an open mind. Being open helps expand the possibilities. When someone is "closed down," it makes it difficult for a reader to connect with that person's spirit. It's okay to have a healthy skepticism, but try to be open to the discussion. When a person works with a reader, they should try to make the reading easier for the psychic, not harder.

7) Clients should be "active listeners."

A client should be an active listener. This means that they should listen without interrupting the reader because interruptions may disengage the energy with which the psychic works. Check with the reader before the sitting and ask if they prefer to have questions during the session or at the end of the session.

8) Clients should leave time for solitude after the session.

One of the psychics suggested that clients come alone. They shouldn't bring friends to the readings. They need privacy and they may need time alone to think after the reading.

Similarly, one of the spiritual healers told me that people should eat lightly and leave time afterwards for solitude. They should try to minimize distractions after the session so that they have time for the energy to heal deeply at their core.

Any other suggestions? Let me know by sending an e-mail to

Enjoy your readings and let me know how they go!


9:19 am mst

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