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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Meet a Psychic 

For the past two and a half years I have interviewed psychics. I learned so much that I started writing this blog so I could share the information with other people. Now, I think it is time to introduce some of the psychics I have interviewed. Let's start with Gigi Sample. Gigi has a unique attitude and an interesting style of working with clients. This is a little bit of her story.

Gigi Sample

For a long time, Gigi thought that she was perfectly normal. She didn't think she was psychic at all. Of course, she had experienced things as a child which she couldn't quite explain, but she thought that everyone was that way. She just knew things. As a child, Gigi played with Tarot cards, real palms and worked with astrology.

It wasn't until Gigi was in college that she had her first overpowering experience which led her to believe that she might be different from other people. She was sitting in a stairwell in London and she was very upset. She received an overwhelming message that she was holding herself back because she didn't want to be a prominent psychic in the limelight. She had been hiding from her gifts because the idea of being psychic and having an important role to play in life had been too much for her to grasp. She just wasn't ready at that time.

After Gigi graduated from college with degrees in Fashion Design and Business, she moved to Los Angeles and managed a fabric store. She married and had a daughter. While she was married, Gigi enjoyed her psychic abilities, but didn't work with them publicly.

After Gigi's divorce in 2000, being psychic became a larger part of her life. A lot of people "woke up" between 2000 and 2002 and she has read for many of them. According to Gigi, we are in the Aquarian Age and it is about the waking up of humanity. This is the lifetime we have all been waiting for. People are waking up and shifting. The teachers have to figure things out first so that when waves of people wake up, the teachers will be ready and in the right places. Gigi thinks that everybody is psychic, but that each person has a different role to play in this shift. People might not think that they are psychic, but they are just playing a different role than that of a practicing psychic.

Gigi travels around the country doing readings for clients. She lives in Sedona, AZ, and most of her readings are done over the phone because there are so many people around the country who want to work with her.

When Gigi works with clients, she starts with an "open reading." This means that people don't ask their questions before the reading. According to Gigi, Spirit Guides know what clients want to know and, nine times out of ten, all of their questions are answered during the open reading. Gigi wants to give accurate information, so she likes to allow the Guides to speak first, then allow the clients to ask questions.

Gigi also reads Tarot cards. She thinks that people like to see the pictures on the cards and hear a story. She gives her messages and the cards validate what she is saying. She feels things and hears things, then double-checks them in the cards. When she is correct, she gets goose-bumps. She thinks that any method a person uses to communicate with their Guides, the Guides will know how to get messages to them. For example, if she decided to read tea leaves or work with numerology, her Guides would still know how to relay messages using the new method. According to Gigi, "They know us better than we know ourselves."

As a matter-of-fact, Spirit Guides know what people should be doing with their lives. They communicate messages to Gigi so that she can see a client's future and relay the messages. However, people have free will and can choose to go against all of their Guide's suggestions. They have a choice. Gigi can see the future possibilities when someone is listening to his or her Guides. She can see what the Guides would like them to do, but the Guides can't make people do anything. People make their own choices. People can say "no" to their Guides and that is what can change the outcome of readings.

Gigi's specialty is answering questions about life purpose and relationships. Most of the people who come to her are teachers and healers, such as psychologists and nurses. These people want to learn about spirituality so that they can change how things are done in their field. They want to do their jobs in a better way. In many cases, these wonderful people are not in romantic relationships because their Guides don't want them to be deterred by dysfunctional relationships which keep them from their life purpose. At this time, with all of the shifts, it's best to be in a supportive relationship if a person is here to do spiritual work. If not, it is easy to get sidetracked.

Gigi believes that 2010 was the year when people were moving to where they need to be for the upcoming shifts. In 2010, teachers figured out their life purpose so that they could be ready for 2012 when the masses will wake up.

According to Gigi, "This lifetime is very different. I don't know how I know that, but I just know it. It is very different from other lifetimes. I am not concerned about the Mayan calendar. I just know we are in the Aquarian Age and the Aquarian Age is about consciousness shifting, humanitarianism and unconditional love. In the 1960s we were testing the waters, now we are going to see changes. Our planet is the farthest it has ever been from the Milky Way Galaxy. Now it is turning back towards the light. As dark as we have gotten, now we will move back towards the light. We have been testing the waters. Now is the time for change."

If you would like to know more about Gigi or schedule a reading, check her website at, send an e-mail to, or call her at 800-276-7460. Let her know that you heard about her on this website so we can keep the information loop flowing.


5:00 pm mst

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spirit Guides

The term "Spirit Guides" refers to people who have lived on Earth, crossed to the other side, and volunteered to assist us as we live our lives. They are neither male nor female; they are energy. When asked about its role, one Guide said that it preferred to be called a "Cosmic Servant."

When psychics read for clients, they often communicate with their Spirit Guides and with the client's Spirit Guides. Some psychics communicate with individual Guides while other people communicate with a group. The psychics have a conversation in their mind so that they can hear, see, or know what to tell clients. They hear voices and/or see images in their imagination. It is like an inner voice or a third eye.

What does it feel like to connect to a spirit group? According to one person I spoke with, it feels like receiving a download of information with a unique kind of energy.

Do the psychics know the names of their Guides? What do the psychics say about Spirit Guides? Here are some thoughts:

☼ When I have asked Spirit for the names of my personal Spirit Guides, they showed me a group, like a circle, around Mother Earth and I understood that it was the connectedness of all consciousness which gave me the information. I call them, "The Guys."

☼ I communicate with a group. My understanding is that there are seven groups and we all come from one of these groups. It's like a family group. There are groups of healers, teachers, adventurers, musicians, etc. We all have those abilities, but the groups we come from influence our abilities.

☼ My Guides asked me what name I wanted to call them. Some people know the names of their Spirit Guides and other people ask me to tell them the names of their Guides. The Guides may not provide a name because they have had different names in different lifetimes. Their name is not as important as recognizing their presence and their energy.

☼ I often work with Spirit Guides. I think we all have them. I think that because I have done a lot of meditating for myself, I can connect with Spirit Guides. When I am working with other people, I feel like I can feel or see their Guides. If I don't see the Guides, I can still see what the Guides are communicating because that is what they feel that this person needs to know.

☼ One of my Guides looks like a wizard and I think he is a protector of the planet; one is a part of myself that I came in with who looks like a priestess. They both work with me on the healings. Sometimes I will walk away during the healings and the Guides will keep working on the person. The person tells me that it feels like there are hands all over their body. I have another Guide who recently came in. I have a Guide who showed himself to me when I was listening to drumming. I was thinking about different gods and he came up and he was an African water god. I talked to him and he told me that he was a spirit who had been known traditionally on other continents. He was not embodied, but he came to people who did healing and that is what I do; I heal.

☼ I usually communicate with a group of people: a hippie from CA, St. John the Baptist, a Tibetan Priest, a Chinese Priest, a Chinese doctor, a female Indian Shaman, and a Lakota Indian healer. The Lakota healer, the Chinese doctor and the Chinese Priest actually do the healings with me. They come in at different times for different people. They tell me what I need to know when I need to know it for a particular case that I am working on; the person I am working on that day.

☼ I have asked who my personal Spirit Guides are, but I have never received an answer.

☼ There are people who have Guides with names. I have never had anyone show up and tell me that they were my Guide. I hear what I call The VOICE. I know it's a facet of the Divine . . . There are beings out there, but I have never felt like there were individual beings bringing the information to me. When I have tapped into relatives on the other side, it has been specific information from certain relatives. I don't have Guides or a group of advisors. Another psychic told me that I have a whole Indian village which steps up to help. I don't have a recognition of that at all.

☼ Some Spirit Guides work with individual people, but some work with a bunch of people who are meant to work together.

☼ I have many Guides around me and I know who they are so I am always connecting to one or two of them. There are some who are always around me and there are others who come and go. When I call on my Native-American medicine person, she is always there, but I think she is just another aspect of myself. I used to think that she was separate, but then I recognized she was part of me, another aspect of me, perhaps that I had lived in another lifetime.

☼ One of the things I have been thinking lately is that our Guides might be us in a different lifetime, or a different realm. Maybe my Guide is a different version of me.

☼ I can bring messages from Guides. However, people can choose to go against everything their Guides are guiding them to do. They have the choice. I can see the future possibilities when someone is listening to their Guides. I can see what their Guides would like them to do. Our Guides can't make us do anything. We make our own choices. We can say "no" to our Guides and that is what can change the outcome of readings.

When I asked one psychic where his Guides were located he relayed:

"They say ‘It's like we are right next to you, but at a higher level.' People are at a slow physical level because of their skin and bodies. Entities are at a higher, free-er level of just spirit."

Another man who communicates with a group of Guides said that there was no way to explain where they were located. The easiest-to-understand concept was that the astral plane was the closest plane to us. Guides are located in the highest stratosphere of the astral plane. In order to communicate, we need to lift our vibration to connect to them and they need to lower their vibration to communicate with us.

If you want to communicate with your Spirit Guides, it's important to sit quietly so you can hear their messages. Say your prayer for protection then declare to the Universe that you want to communicate with a spiritual entity who has your best interest at heart.

One psychic suggested that we work this way: 

"Say, ‘I'm ready. Help me to hear you, help me to be in touch with you. Show me what needs to be done, work through me.' Then let it go. Then they will come and talk to you in ways that you will understand. When this first started, I would hear a message on TV or in a book, or someone would start talking to me. Messages came to me in ways that I could understand and then it kept developing. It's like a muscle. I started getting a dialogue between my Spirit Guides and myself. I would ask what I should I do in certain situations, then I paid attention to the answers."

Another way to connect is to write a question, write the first answer you get, then ask, "Is this truth?" One person tried asking and writing and, without thought, the answer came through; it just felt different. In only one evening he went from trying to write the answers himself, to having his wife write the answers, to having to record the information because it was coming so quickly.

When he asked for the name of the spirit group with which he was communicating, they said that the name wasn't important. He felt that his deceased mother facilitated the connection so he began calling the group "Mother." It is more important to recognize the energy we call upon than it is to know the name.

Spirit Guides are here to assist us. They can provide guidance and respond to our questions. Remember that these are not definitive answers. As your situation changes, the responses may change. If you asked the same question five years ago then asked it today, you would probably get different answers. Think of them as current responses and keep your mind open to the fact that the answers may change as you evolve.

Guides provide loving guidance. They will not take away life experiences. The messages are all loving and supportive of the path we are on. If we are on a "bad" path, they are still supportive because that may be the life lesson we need to experience.

Personally, when I have asked psychics for the names of my Spirit Guides I have been told "Beth," "Simon," and a hummingbird.

Do you know your Guides? Any comments? Send an e-mail to me at

3:11 pm mst

Monday, January 10, 2011

Responding to the local Tragedy

In response to the shooting here in Tucson on Saturday, I ask myself, "What can I do to help?"

On my blog I have written about death and the afterlife and, while this information is comforting when the time comes after a full and lovely life, we still prefer life!

The shooting occurred just 3 or 4 miles from my house and I could have been there that day. Sometimes I shop at that Safeway. One time, I met Congresswoman Giffords at a "Congress on your Corner" event near my home. I received a robo-call about Saturday's event and thought about going. But this post is not about me. I'm only sharing this so you understand how close to my home and my heart this shooting occurred. My friends and family are devastated. We call each other in shock. We wonder why this sort of thing happens? Must we live in a world of violence? So sad. So incomprehensible.

What can I do? What can we, as a group interested in spiritual awareness, do? We can begin by sending good, positive thoughts and energy to the victims and their families. We can think of Gabrielle Giffords and all of the people in our local hospitals whose lives have been changed. We can think of the deceased nine-year old girl and her family and we can send energetic comfort to them. We can comfort all of the people who have lost loved ones.

We can ask for Divine Intervention on behalf of everyone involved. We wonder if we made a difference on Saturday when we were all thinking of Gabrielle Giffords, sending positive energy her way, heard she had passed, were devastated, held her in light, then heard she was alive! She was in surgery. Could our energy surge have helped? Is it possible?

Tucson is a mixed bag. In some ways we are a modern city and in some ways we are an old west town. Right now, there is an air of serous concern here. I talked to some psychics at yesterday's fair who told me that there was a lot of heavy, residual, negative energy here due to the shootings. It is in our community‘s energetic field and in our personal energy systems. Even if we don't feel directly connected to the event, news reports are on all day and they affect us. As a community, we need to clear out the negative energy before it settles in Tucson. How can we do this? We can bring light into our personal energy systems and send it out to the community. We can ask for help from unseen, positive sources of energy. We can treat each other with tenderness and respect. We can recognize our fragility. We are fragile on the inside and strong on the outside.

We can go about our daily business and continue to send positive thoughts and energy to Gabrielle Giffords and her family, all of the living and deceased victims and their families, and each member of our community as we work through this difficult period. And, we can know that those who have crossed over are okay. They have made their transition and are being loved and cared for by energies on the other side. We are so fortunate to live in Universal Love.

If you have chakra-balancing jewelry, wear it as a reminder to keep sending out positive, healing energy. If you sometimes do energy work, do it now. Dissipate this negative energy so it doesn't settle on Tucson.

If you know of healing vigils, or have an idea of how to respond to the shootings and the aftermath, feel free to post your ideas on My Psychic Search's Facebook page. I haven't figured out how to allow comments on this blog yet, so I have to send people to Facebook. It would be nice to have thoughts and insights on how energy workers can make a difference. It's a slightly different slant on things.

Last fall's Season of Politics was ugly and divisive, and it permeated all of our television shows and commercials. It overwhelmed our lives. The only thing which could heal it was the Season of Loving and Giving. Now, that Season is over and it is back to "real life." Let's stay in a season of caring and moving forward and not let ourselves fall back into the mean-spirited political and public discourse which we have experienced these last few years. The negativity impacts people. We need to impact people with positive energy. We need to find solutions to our problems. We need to move forward in a positive manner. We need leaders with hope and positive energy. Let us be those leaders.

Our love of live prevails


Update: This evening Delphina Nova asked me to post her message on this blog. Here it is:

The Medicine is Love
by Delphina Nova
(Collecting my thoughts on the tragedy in Tucson)

The tragedy that occurred this past Saturday, January 9, 2011 in Tucson is the Great Awakener for this city, the state of Arizona and the Nation. A wave of shock, grief and sadness has brought many of us to our knees. My heart-felt prayer goes out to Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, the victims who have died, the wounded, and to the families and friends in mourning.

Simultaneous with what has happened in Tucson this past Saturday, if we look at the media, we see tragedies have also occurred with our neighbors in Mexico and in other parts of the world. We do not stand isolated in our grief, nor should we presume to be immune to violence. However, we are shocked and saddened by the pre-meditated act of violence on innocent lives because it has gripped us personally and has happened in our neighborhood and in the state of Arizona.

Experiencing Grief

As telephone calls and data come in surrounding the tragedy, people are conversing with family and friends, allowing emotions to come up. When feeling your own feelings and discussing the event with family members and children, remember to give yourselves time to feel the impact. If needed, seek grief counseling and spiritual healing. Nurture yourself and your loved ones. Do not be surprised when emotions come up when you least expect it, or in the future, as you experience symptoms in the form of post-traumatic stress.

Suggestions to Help With Grieving

Suggestions to help with grieving include prayer, meditation, walking a labyrinth, hiking, Aromatherapy, Flower Essences, Bach Flower Essences, yoga, relaxing baths, massages, energy work, journaling, drawing, painting, creating art, spiritual counseling, having tea and talking with a trusted friend, exercising and eating nutritious food. These can all help strengthen the body, soothe frayed nerves and release pent-up emotions. Expressing our love at vigils, lighting candles and giving a gift to someone helps us share our feelings.

The Real Medicine is Love

It is easy to point fingers and look for blame on why the events in Tucson happened, but what is ultimately called for at this time, from everyone, is love. Lack of love in someone's heart causes distortions. The energy of love is the only thing in this life that is sustainable. We came to Earth to love. Everything and everyone belongs to God irregardless the part one plays, and all situations are an opportunity to demonstrate unconditional love by reflecting love to everyone. All of life spins and moves according to a Divine Plan - a Destiny - and everything is our teacher.

Overview Astrologically - 2011

Last week, we started the New Year with a New Moon and a partial Solar Eclipse. Earth went Galactic on January 2, 2011 with Uranus, the planet of shock as the great awakener. Globally and personally, our lives were being prepared to be shaken up with this alignment. The next day, January 3, 2011, Earth went direct Galactic in Jupiter, the planet of expansion and movement. Whatever we focused on - positive or negative, the arrow flew swiftly to its destination.

On New Year's Eve, birds dropped from the sky and over 100,000 fish showed up dead in Beebe, Arkansas. The next few days, black birds dropped from the sky in La Barre, Louisiana and in Sweden, and turtle doves fell on roofs in France and Italy. This past week, 100,000 dead fish showed up in the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. Flight controllers in Florida have had to change landing directions for airplanes prior to landing due to changes of shifts of the pole that occurred these past few weeks.

People around the world are shaking their heads and asking - what is going on?

The Animals as Messengers

In October of 2009, a Dream came to me about Turtle Island and how animals would be sent as messengers to warn us about Earth Changes. In the Autumn of 2010, another dream came to me about the Earth Changes and the animals. Last year, I turned that Dream I had in 2009 (about Turtle Island and the message of Turtle's plan to enlist the help of the animals and humans) into an illustrated children's book. The Message I received from Dreamtime was created into a book called Turtle's Dream that was released on December 3, 2010.

The Great Awakener

I have been speaking to spiritual healers, elders and children who are super-sensitive to energy and everyone that I have been conversing with these past few weeks is feeling an urgency and going through deep changes in their bodies and in their lives, myself included.

People are clearing their storage units, garages and homes and simplifying. Relationships are changing. Some are ending - many new ones are starting. Geographical moves, career changes and an urgent desire to connect with Spirit and Our Creator for the first time is happening in large numbers.

As the energy is here on Earth to help us with this transition, I urge everyone to go for it! The waters, the rapids are here to help us go where we need to go and make needed changes. Especially now - until the end of April.

January 11, 2011

Tomorrow, January 11, 2011, portals of energy are available for us to send love and energy to the Earth. Wherever you are, take a moment at 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. to send love and heart felt energy to Tucson, to the victims of the tragedy here, to Arizona and to all the places, people, animals and plants on Earth that need our love. Send prayers and blessings for the Air, Water, Earth and Fire elements.

Time to Shine Our Love - A Time of Transformation

Little acts of kindness go a long way. Anger only stirs more anger. Love is the answer. Always there is an opportunity to open more deeply in our own hearts to more love, and to forgive like Ghandi, Jesus and the late Pope John II. More anger leads to more war, which leads to more aggression, which leads to more weapons. What has happened in Tucson is a reminder of God's love and message for all of us - to love and not to hurt, and to forgive. Love is the only way to transformation.

We can blame pain on past conditioning or blame ourselves and others for what could or should have been done, but pain can only be healed in witnessing another's pain by staying in unconditional love with open heart consciousness. This time is an opportunity to love more, versus an 'eye for an eye', lack of love and kindness. Peace is love and love is calm and peaceful. Love heals. Love is the key. Be loving with each other. When people are in pain, listen to others with an open heart

Let's make love, so there is no room for war or tragedy.

Delphina Nova is the author of "Heart of Gold" and "Turtle's Dream." She is a spiritual healer and advisor and a member of the Eastern Woodlands Tribe.

11:34 am mst

Thursday, January 6, 2011

This Sunday, January 9, there will be a Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair in Tucson. I will be there and I hope you will be there too!

What Happens at a Psychic Fair?

For those of you who are curious about psychic fairs, I thought I would post a few photos from the last Mystic Messengers Fair in Tucson so you could see how they look [Update: I had to remove the photos after a week because they slowed down the blog loading]. Psychics fairs are casual events which usually have a warm, excited feeling. I haven't been to fairs across the country, but I imagine that they are similar to the ones in Tucson.

The Stars of the fairs are the psychics. If you've read this blog for a while, you know that each reader has their own specialty. This means that you might find an astrologer, a numerologist, a pet psychic, and/or several Tarot card readers at a fair. You might also find psychics who don't use tools, but have their own specialties such as Mediums (contact the deceased), spiritual counselors and past life regressionists. In addition to the psychics, there are also people who help with healing, such as Reiki masters and flower essence practitioners. Remember, many people have more than one gift, so it's possible to get a psychic reading and Reiki work from the same person. Some readers are very inspirational, some are fact-based, and some predict the future.

How do you decide who to see? Walk around the room and see if you feel drawn to anyone. Or read the information about each reader which is posted on the door and see if anyone appeals to you. Sometimes, there is an information table in the middle of the room which has flyers for various psychics. If you are gutsy, you can ask someone who is waiting for a reading if they know a good reader. Basically, use whatever hints you get and see if any reader "feels" right to you. If you want to know in advance which readers will be at the Mystic Messengers Fair, check the website at

If you have selected a psychic who isn't busy at that time, you might be able to sit down and get an immediate reading. If the psychic is busy with someone else, they usually have a sign-up sheet. Put your name on their list and wait to be called.

Talking to a psychic is like talking to a wise friend. You never know what is going to happen or where the conversation will wander. If you have a specific question, be sure to let the psychic know up front that you would like an answer to that question. If you can, record the session or take notes so you can remember what was said. When I sit down with a psychic I always wonder if there is going to be a message from my Guides. Will a deceased friend or relative show up? Will I get a clue as to what is going on in my life? A reading is so exciting!

Four times each year, Mystic Messengers has a double-size room so that there is space for local artists. At those times, like this Sunday, I sell my artwork and chakra-balancing jewelry. There will also be people selling jewelry, candles, clothes, pyramids and pendulums. In addition, there is often a computer ready for "aura photography." You can sit in front of this computer and see what your aura looks like. Then, you can hold different crystals or essential oils and see how your aura responds to these items. Sometimes, there is a chiropractor giving free back massages or a person who works with color therapy.

At the Mystic Messengers Fair, sample readings are 15 minutes long and cost $20. You can have as many sample readings as you want. If you find a reader who you really like, you can make an appointment with them for a longer reading at another time.

The other fair which I have attended in Tucson is held at the Tamara Spiritual Center. This is usually a small fair with about 10 or 12 readers. When you walk in, there will be a list of readers on a big chart and someone will help you find out which reader is available at the time you would like a reading. The next fair at Tamara will be March 12 from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. The cost is $20 for a 30-minute reading.

Please remember that these are cash events. Most readers and vendors don't accept credit cards. Also, if you want to talk to a pet psychic, be sure to bring photos of your pet.

The next Mystic Messengers Fair will be this Sunday, January 9, 2011 at the Windmill Inn. I will be selling "Wild Girl!" pins, Zodiac greeting cards, and chakra-balancing jewelry. The Windmill Inn is on the southeast corner of River Road and Campbell Avenue. The fair runs from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. See ya there!


10:08 am mst

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