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Monday, November 29, 2010

Post-Thanksgiving Post

During the last month, I had a series of crafts fairs capped by a lovely Thanksgiving weekend. Now, it's back to work . . . at least until the next round of holidays!

What have I learned over the last few weeks?

1) It's okay to be who we are as long as we are kind. Kindness matters. It improves all lives.

It doesn't matter if you are thin, fat, straight, gay, rich or poor (or anything in between), just extend your innate kindness to the people, animals and plants you meet. Plants? Sure, why not? Kindness sends out a vibration which keeps enlarging, like a pebble in a pond.

2) Forward progress on our path should be recognized and celebrated.

One of the people I interviewed for My Psychic Search just published a children's book. Her name is Delphina Nova and I went to her book signing last Friday. It was wonderful to see someone making a large stride in her forward progress on Earth. Her book is entitled, Turtle's Dream, and it encourages everyone to dream a wondrous future for the Earth. If you are interested in Delphina or her book, check out

Every now and then, take a moment to acknowledge your own progress and give yourself a pat on the back.

3) Art work brightens lives.

Whether or not people purchase artwork at crafts fairs, they enjoy a moment of delight when they see something new and interesting. This momentary brightness enlightens all of us. Really, there's nothing quite as magical as a laugh of surprise and delight.

Oh yes, purchasing artwork is pretty amazing too! A purchase acknowledges the artist's efforts as well as the results.

4) Wonderful children and functional families still exist.

If you watch the news and view TV programs, you might not realize how many wonderful, functional families with normal children still exist. I am fortunate to know quite a few of these families. The children are polite and interesting people. Many college students are actually responsible people. Aren't we glad about that!?! Wow!

5) You are probably waiting to hear something about psychics.

Here it is. Psychics have a communication line which always brings forward a clear and consistent message: we are here to learn, teach, make progress, and treat each other with love and kindness. It doesn't matter if you hear it from a psychic, a preacher or a friend. Relax. Be the best person you can be. Extend yourself to others and appreciate the wonderful learning opportunity we are all experiencing right now . . . and right now . . . and right now . . .

Happy Post-Thanksgiving.


1:44 pm mst

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

At a couple of Psychic Fairs, people asked me to ask the psychics, "What happens when you meet other psychics?" Here are a few of the answers:

What feelings do psychics pick up from other psychics?

Most of the psychics told me that they recognized when other people had strong psychic abilities. While they agreed that everyone had some gifts, it was apparent to them when someone had strong gifts. One psychic told me that she resonates with some psychics more than others. She can feel the degree to which they have abilities. There is often a feeling of friendship or familiarity when meeting another psychic. Sometimes psychics resonate with each other. Other times, they can tell when they are not going to align with each other for a reading.

Several psychics told me that they didn't realize that they had psychic abilities until they went to see a psychic reader who recognized their gifts. These people went for readings and the psychic said something like, "You can do this just as well as I can!" They had known something was going on, but had never thought that it was psychic ability.

Another psychic suggested that when psychics interact, it increases the energy field. This explains why Psychic Fairs hum with energy.

However, most of the psychics didn't have other psychics with whom they regularly socialized. They often felt that the only thing they had in common was that they were working in the same field.

Psychics can also tell when other people are mis-using their gifts. One psychic remarked:

"When I meet other psychics, I can tell if they are coming from ego and self-gain, or coming from their heart. I can tell if they are trying to manipulate or cord people. I can tell if they are coming from love, light, and understanding and if they want to help others. Our purpose is to be of service: to help others, train others and teach others. It's not about ego. I try to stay away from psychics with egos."

Another reader mentioned that she had met fake psychics. Sometimes she can see in their aura if they are a good reader or if they are just trying to make money.

A third reader explained that just because someone is psychic, doesn't mean that they are nice. Some people are just born with an intuitive talent. Some people can paint, some can play music, and some can be intuitive. According to the psychic with whom I was discussing this issue, some people are jerks yet they were born with intuitive talent. They are immature and may not be on a spiritual path. Their psychic skills might be admired, but they can't back them up with spiritual understanding or with compassion for others. There is more to being a professional psychic than obtaining information. What you say and how you say it are critically important.

Other people can be highly evolved, but not have any psychic ability at all.

When looking for a psychic reader, ask a friend for a recommendation. The trick is to find someone with a natural gift and the maturity to know how to use it wisely. Look for someone who gives information cleanly (not filtered through their own perspective, ego or religious ideas). The information should be presented in a way you understand, using words which help you clearly see a situation so you can make the best choices for your own life. Look for pure energy and you might find a magical connection.

If you would like to discuss psychic abilities or buy "Wild Girl!" pins, come see me this weekend at the Tucson Museum of Art Holiday Craft Market. The Market will be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (November 19 - 21) from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. in downtown Tucson. This is always a fabulous event!

11:08 am mst

Monday, November 15, 2010

You are Sunshine and Stardust . . .
Pieces of the Original Creation
in a new Divine Form.
You are more Magnificent,
more Amazing, more Wonderful
than you could ever Imagine . . .

Ponder that for a Moment and then have the
most Magical, Miraculous, Marvelous day!

Gary C. Kossman
1:32 pm mst

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Redefining "Normal"

On Saturday, I was selling artwork at the Project Graduation Car Show and Crafts Fair in Tucson. This fair was a lot of fun because, in addition to the shoppers, I had several people talk to me about psychics and their own intuitive experiences. When people talk to me about their psychic experiences, they generally start very slowly and cautiously, but once they find out that I understand what they are talking about, they tell me amazing things. I have heard stories from people who knew when other people were about to die. I have heard about parents sending telepathic grocery requests to children who were at the store. I have heard the hushed stories of how people knew they had psychic abilities, including one woman who didn't know she was psychic until her deceased boyfriend's children asked how he was . . . and she knew. Many times, people tell me about the ghosts and spirits they encounter along their way. Is this normal?

At this particular fair, I talked to a woman who had denied she had abilities until someone told her to read a stranger and she was able to do it. A day or two later she ran into the woman on the street. The woman asked for her phone number because the reading had been so good!

I also talked to a man who can sometimes look at people and know if there is an issue with their health. He met a guy and he couldn't see the guy's aura. The guy died the next day. Both of these people would like to talk to people with similar kinds of psychic abilities so that they can find out more about their own gifts and how things work. Of course, I encourage them to read this blog and tell them that Tucson has a psychic fair, but I am still wondering, "Are professional psychics willing to mentor people?"

A few weeks ago I picked up a library book called Lily Dale, the true story of the town that talks to the dead, by Christine Wicker, 2003. Lily Dale is a spiritualist community in upstate NY next to Lake Cassadaga. People travel to Lily Dale during the summer to consult with Mediums. Lily Dale was founded in 1879, thrived for decades along with Spiritualism, then declined as Spiritualism declined. One of the fascinating things about this book was the author's mix of skepticism and belief, her wanting to believe, her inability to believe, and finally how she drew her own boundaries as to what she could accept and what was just too much to believe. I think this is the road we all take.

Interestingly, one of the people I talked with on Saturday had been to Lily Dale several times. Another person had been to Cassadaga, FL, Lily Dale's sister city, named after Lake Cassadaga. Meeting two people who talked about Lily Dale while I still have the library book on my counter is known as "synchronicity." Not thinking of myself as a person with intuitive abilities, I am always astonished when synchronicity happens to me. Is this normal too?

Occasionally, people tell me stories which they have never told anyone else. These stories can be very emotional in terms of content and also because people have held them so closely for so long. People want to share this aspect of their lives, but are afraid that others will belittle them. They want to talk with someone who takes psychic abilities seriously. I think that, just below the surface of our daily lives, there is a huge amount of personal experience waiting to be shared. I feel humbled when people share their intimate stories with me. I feel honored to be able to provide a safe space for sharing questions and answers. If I can get this book written, I think people will begin to see how normal they are. People who feel isolated because they have no one to share their extra-ordinary experiences with, will find many other people in the same situation. That is one reason I write the blog. It may take a while for the book to come out. In the meantime, people can read the blog and see that they fit right in. Really, they are more normal than they think. We need to redefine "Normal."

When it comes to writing the book, I feel like I am in the midst of a jungle. I am writing this book surrounded by overgrowth. I can't go back and I can only move forward at a slow speed. I can't see the clearing at the edge of the jungle, but I can use a verbal machete to clear a path with the words I write. I have been offered the opportunity to submit a summary of my work which may be published in an anthology of the "paranormal." I don't think I write about the paranormal. From all I have heard, I am writing about the "normal." It is just that people don't speak about their intuitive episodes so they don't know that these episodes are very natural. It is my hope that this work will help people who have always questioned the mysteries in their lives to see that they are perfectly normal. Normal or natural or both?

How many people will have to speak up about these experiences before they are considered normal? One million? Two million? Let's start a count. Send a quick e-mail to me and let me know about your psychic abilities. The address is Thanks!


10:51 am mst

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