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Sunday, October 31, 2010

True Ghost Stories
Happy Halloween!

Last night, my husband and I went to see the movie "Hereafter" about psychics and the afterlife. The movie was okay, but seemed dreary to me. The settings were in gray cities and it was more of an introduction to the concepts of Mediums and the afterlife than a presentation of ideas as to what actually happens after death. I left feeling like I would have preferred to have a more upbeat, colorful presentation of ideas about the afterlife. Perhaps that is my job? Maybe I am working on this project so that the information can be presented in a more upbeat way. Are you with me? Let's go!

True Ghost Story Contest Winners

Thanks for the entries for October's True Ghost Story Contest. I have selected two winners, one from out-of-state and one from Arizona. Each of these writers will receive a heart-shaped glass pendant for their efforts. Woo-hoo!

Here are the winning stories:

Camping and Screaming

My children and I had heard that Beaver Creek State Park (in east central Ohio) was haunted, but in all the years we'd been going there we had not seen much.

So, one fall night my wife and I were camped at the top of the hill, tucked into a four season tent, with one of our boys in a similar tent nearby. Due to reports of an escaped convict in the area I was armed with my Buckmaster (a ridiculously large cutting implement) and my son, Joseph, had his TBJ Tracker knife.

Late in the night, my wife decided that "nature's call" needed to be answered. Since we were the only people in the camp area, she didn't see any point in waking me. She dressed and left the tent.

Now, to fully comprehend what happened next, you need to understand something. I have PTSD, a partial result of that is that I sleep with a blade in my hand, the same hand, the same position, for the last (at that time) sixteen years or so. Always woke up with the knife safely in hand.

My wife probably didn't get more than ten feet from the tent when we all heard an ungodly, bloodcurdling scream, and that's when all hell broke loose.

To her, it sounded as if it had come from our tent. Thinking that I was the one screaming and not having the SLIGHTEST idea what to do, she froze and screamed herself.

I heard the first scream and her subsequent scream and slashed at the tent with my knife, determined to go to her aid as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, for the first time in memory, my knife was no where to be found. Cursing, I tried to open the door, but the zipper jammed.

Joseph heard the screams and did what I had attempted to do, slashed open nearly the entire length of the tent and leapt out bellowing, "I'm coming Mom!"

By this time I had ripped open the zipper; grabbed a piece of firewood from our wood pile and leapt over the bedded down campfire to join the fray.

We stood there, looking at each other and trying to piece together what happened. We were still standing there when there was a yet another scream, from directly above us.

We ducked down and shined our lights up into the tree. On a fairly low branch was what looked like the stub of a limb. Then the "stub" turned its head, ever so slightly, looked at us and quietly flew away.

All the confusion had been triggered by a screech owl.

Joseph and I looked at each other, smiled and shrugged. "A damn bird," he said, "Just a damn bird." No sooner had the words left his lips, when we heard another scream, even more bloodcurdling and RIGHT BEHIND ME!!

No thought, just action; I swung the improvised club hard and fast, at about head level but I didn't connect with anything. As I finished the swing, I was in a "guard" position and looking at where the scream had come from. There wasn't anything visible except for a glowing pair of red eyes which gradually faded away.

We kept watch for the rest of the night, but nothing else happened. We stripped out my tent looking for the Buckmaster, but didn't find a trace of it. Not even a glimpse of the sheath.

Early that morning we finally went to sleep. After about four hours of restless sleep I woke up. My right hand felt a bit heavy for some reason. Lifting my head from my bedroll I saw the reason why: The Buckmaster was in my hand, as it had been for many years. Just as if nothing had happened the previous night.

"Storm" Chin

meta tantay,

"...I do no wrong, without good cause ..."

A Martial Arts Life at

Ghost Test

My first ghost experience was with a neighbor's dog that had gone missing. The dog materialized in front of me. First, I saw the skeleton. Then it transformed into their dog, then it vanished. Later that night I saw a very large Indian standing outside my bedroom window. He was there for a couple of nights in a row. The last night he sat down on my bed and tried to communicate with me, but I was so frightened I wouldn't open my eyes or listen to him. I was thirteen at the time. Years later I learned he was my guide.

After years of trying not to see spirits, I decided it was time to accept what I had always tried to deny. I asked my spirit guide to put me through a test to see if I could handle it. I was visiting a friend who lived on property next to the Rillito River. It was the December solstice and he had invited me over. The adobe house had been built 80 years earlier by the homesteaders' own hands. Their son, who was now living in California, had suddenly moved out with no explanation. My friend was just one of the renters on the property. I thought it was odd that none of the renters lived in the house, but only used the kitchen and bathroom. I learned that they felt like someone was watching them.

As we sat in the kitchen and talked, I suddenly saw an Indian woman in the bedroom doorway. The next thing I knew she was sitting next to me hugging my knee. I was shocked to find myself stroking her hair and telling her everything was all right and she needed to go home into the light. Just then, she vanished into the bedroom. As I watched her disappear, a shadow appeared and grew as it flew at me. A young man appeared out of mist, like Aladdin from his bottle. He was trying to scare me. I stood my ground and told him telepathically he didn't scare me and that he needed to find the light and go home. The Indian woman reappeared and told me it was her brother. I was told they had been captured by the Indian tribe that had resided at that site.

A few days later I came back to the property during the day. As we stood outside, I noticed a pile of old plywood. One piece had been painted. It was a painting of the two Indians I had met a few nights earlier. The woman and young man were just as I had seen them. I was told the property owner's son had painted it.

Jennifer Beard
October 21, 2010

10:19 am mst

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let's take a break from all the blog posts about death and talk again about what it is like to be psychic.

Do psychics have easy lives?

When I started this project, I thought that psychics had easy lives. After all, they could glimpse the future so they could prepare for whatever was coming their way. They could read people's energy so they could know who was nice and who was nasty. They could recognize their soul mate so they didn't have to go through the same crazy dating dance as the rest of us. They could make sound financial decisions because they knew which jobs were right for them and what to do in order to get those jobs. Maybe they could even foresee lottery numbers and which direction the stock market was going?

What I discovered was that most psychics had difficult lives. Even though they tapped into unseen information sources, they still had to live on Earth. They still had to have incomes, form relationships and/or raise children. While they might have had some insights which made their decision-making easier than the rest of us, they also had insights which made decision-making harder (for example, knowing it was in their best interest not to date someone and wanting to date that person anyway).

Psychics often have to live covert lives, hiding who they really are, so people don't think they are odd. There is still a reluctance to accept the fact that people have psychic gifts, especially in the work place.

On top of these issues, they are dealing with society's expectations that they have easy lives.

So, why don't psychics have easy lives? Each individual deals with different issues. Some psychics tell me that they are simply messengers while others tell me that they know too much! These are some of the reasons why psychics don't just sail through life:

1) Psychics are messengers; they are neutral information conduits

In many cases, psychics are simply messengers. They tap into an information stream which allows them to bring messages through for clients. They are not any wiser than the rest of us when it comes to their personal lives. Sometimes, people think that psychics are miracle workers. However, they are just people who have tuned into the intuitive part of who they are. Everyone has this ability, but not everyone has developed it as a large part of their life.

2) Everyone comes to Earth to learn lessons

Psychics come to Earth to have their own experiences and learn their own lessons. They have the same challenges as the rest of us. These struggles help us mature and grow stronger. Life is not all roses; roses come with thorns. It is a perfect system, but it isn't always easy.

I talked to several psychics who had been married multiple times. I wondered why they didn't get it right the first time? Didn't they know who they should marry? They reminded me that psychics needed to learn their relationship lessons just like the rest of us. A person can't know true love, unless they have also known pain.

3) People expect psychics to know everything and they put pressure on psychics to keep proving that they have abilities

No one wants to live life under scrutiny. Some people expect psychics to know everything and if they don't know everything, these people doubt the psychics' abilities. They expect the psychics to be lucky and win the lottery. This puts a lot of pressure on psychics if they try to meet people's expectations. The psychics explained that they don't know lottery numbers unless winning is for their highest and best good; just like the rest of us. When it is anyone's time to win, they will win!

4) Some psychics live double-lives because society doesn't accept what they do

Psychics often have to be quiet when they know things so that they can fit in, especially at the work place. One psychic always knew what needed to be done at work, but when she did it without her boss's direction, her boss felt threatened. He wanted to retain his power by making all the decisions.

Psychics can't tell everyone about their abilities because a lot of people are put off by psychic gifts. People can be skeptical or hostile. They don't want to hear about ideas which don't align with their personal or religious beliefs. A few psychics told me that this area is still considered taboo. Psychics have to be very cautious sharing what they know.

5) Some psychics know more about people than they want to know

If a psychic can read someone's energy just by looking at them, they might feel great when they meet someone wonderful. On the other hand, they can feel terrible when they know what is in someone's heart and mind and it isn't pleasant. Most psychics won't read other people's energy without their permission, but sometimes the energy is too clear to avoid seeing.

When it comes to dating and marriage, problems can arise when the psychic knows if the partner is unfaithful. Psychics often know when the other person is cheating on the relationship.

6) Being psychic can make it difficult to have personal relationships

In several cases, psychics told me that this lifetime they were here to help people and this work did not leave time for marriage and/or children. Many of the psychics realized they could not have children because they needed to focus on their work. If they chose to be in a relationship, they had to find someone on the same path who they could connect with on a spiritual level. The work came first. In some cases, so much healing energy came with this work that only very strong partners could manage to be with healers and seers.

7) Many psychics struggle financially

Working as a psychic reader or healer takes time and energy. It is difficult to focus on this work and find time to bring in income too. One psychic told me that Native American healers who do "Medicine Work" live so much in the spirit world that they have a larger focus on the spiritual world than on the physical world. In the past, Medicine people were taken care of by the whole village. They were not expected to do the same jobs as other people. They would be given a small home apart from the village where people could come see them. Then, they could concentrate on their spiritual work.

Several people commented that they worked regular jobs, but their hearts were in their healing work. They hoped to retire one day and completely focus on their healing work.

8) Many psychics are very sensitive to energy and this makes it difficult to mix with people

Empathic psychics experience other people's emotions. This makes it difficult to go to places where people congregate such as shopping malls, airports, medical centers and clubs. They are overwhelmed by other people's emotions and need to shield themselves. Similarly, some psychics are very emotional because they are so open to impressions.

9) Psychics must be able to empathize with clients

In order to help people, psychics must understand suffering. People wouldn't want to talk to someone who just read about suffering in a book. Psychics needed to have the same experiences as other people so that could understand life and be able to provide counseling.

10) Many psychics can't read for themselves as well as they can read for other people

Because psychics can't read as clearly for themselves as they can read for other people, they don't always benefit from insights. They have to talk to other psychics to make sure that they are on their own right path.

11) Some psychics have a hard time adjusting to life on Earth

People who remember other realms often have a hard time adjusting to life on Earth. They remember other lives and other abilities and can find earth daunting.

According to Cynthia Rae, "Difficulties don't mean that life isn't fulfilling . . . . Whether or not I am happy and joyous every single moment of the day doesn't matter." We are here to experience life with all of its ups and downs.

3:43 pm mst

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello to everyone, including our new blog readers who signed up at the last Psychic Fair and at the crafts fair at St. Francis in the Foothills. It has been so interesting talking with everyone!

Quick reminder: Our True Ghost Story Contest is open until October 25. If you have a great story, please e-mail your story to me ( or post it on Facebook on the page for My Psychic Search. The winning story will posted on this blog on Halloween and the winner will receive a beautiful glass heart-shaped pendant.

Now, let's talk about one of the topics brought up in the recently-released movie, Hereafter: Where do we go after we die?

Many psychics believe that once people cross to the other side, they review how they lived their life here on Earth and make plans for their next incarnation. People go through a unique flashback of all they have done. They will see things that they didn't realize about their parents and the reasons why they acted like they did. They will see their own errors, but they will also see the positive impacts which they have had. If the person is fairly enlightened, the life review doesn't take long. If they are more dense, it may take longer.

After the life review, people are able to visit with friends, relatives and pets. They can learn with teachers or explore things on the other side. This is a peaceful place with beautiful gardens.

Many psychics mentioned that what we believe about death while we are alive, influences our experience of the afterlife. For example, if we believe we are going somewhere beautiful, we will go somewhere beautiful. If we believe that the afterlife is a dark void, it will be a dark void. We are able to create our reality on the other side, just as we create our reality on this side.

One psychic explained there are different levels and realms in reality. After death, a person may choose to go to one of these levels. Some people choose to hang out in the "dead zone" and reflect on what happened to them in a previous life. Some people go to nicer, fluffier realms. Some people go to scary ones. Where people go is based on several criteria, including their level of experience and the lessons which they have learned. If the soul doesn't have the Karma or capacity to live in a place that is truly love, it can't get there even if that is what is expected. These souls may stay in the "dead zone" and reincarnate in a place like Earth where there is a mixed bag of good and bad. There are infinite numbers of possibilities as to where souls can go.

Another psychic explained that at the time of death, people transfer out to the Universe and choose wherever it is they want to go to rehash what they have experienced and decide what to do in the realm of their development. They can choose to relax in the Universe or to be a Guide for someone else. They can choose to be reincarnated as anything - there is no limit. Death is just a transition. In life, we transition from children to teenagers to adults to wives to widows. These transitions are all deaths of one thing and births to another. Ultimately, human death transitions us back to our realm of spiritual life. It is the beginning of something new.

Other psychics commented that people can go anywhere they want to go including different planets and different realms.

Here are three more answers to the question, "Where do you think the soul goes?"

☼ We are spiritual energy beings having a human experience and when our spiritual energy is no longer held within the body, there are a number of things which can occur. This energy can go directly into the 4th dimension where ethereal energy resides, it can stay bound to the 3rd dimension (stuck on the Earth plane due to trauma), or it can reincarnate. As with all things in life, we have a choice.

In my 45 years, I have seen a lot of death, helped people cross over with Reiki, and counseled many clients about these issues. I know for a fact that there is life after death, but I believe that each person has their own idea of what death will be like for them.

I had one client who grew up as an Orthodox Jew and believed that there was nothing after death. She did not come to me asking about a deceased loved one. Her worries regarded her business and other personal issues. However, towards the end of the reading, I told her about a man I kept seeing. He was dressed in traditional Orthodox clothing: dark suit, white shirt, dark shoes. His outfit looked like something he would wear to Temple. He told me personal things about his life, his likes and his dislikes. I told my client everything I could gather from him as it seemed very important to this man to let her know about him. One thing that bothered me was that I could see him plainly, but he was standing in complete darkness. For many years it bothered me that there was no color around him, no objects, nothing. This woman told me that she would ask her grandmother about the things I relayed to her. I did not hear back from her for at least three weeks. Finally, she wrote me and said that for the past three weeks she had been fighting with her religious beliefs. She had told her grandmother what I had seen and her grandmother was certain that this was her deceased husband.

☼ There are different places to go. Some people say that we go to the dark side of the moon for a transition period. I was shocked when NASA bombed the moon in October 2009. There is a lot of spiritual energy on the dark side of the moon. Our souls don't just shoot out to nowhere; our souls need a rest. The planets are all connected. It's almost like a transit station. From the moon we go to other places. There is a place called Arcturus which is supposed to be a station where souls go before they are born again.

☼ People have soul groups: Gail 1 could be sitting here doing this interview and Gail 45 could be out tripping the light fantastic on the Crab Nebula, but you are all part of the same soul group. I believe that a person's existence continues after physical death. I have met too many people from the other side not to know that. People have come by to say good-bye. They absolutely continue on the other side.

One psychic provides a time frame for certain experiences on the other side. She believes that people spend the first 49 days reviewing the Akashic record, which is the record of their soul. They look at what they had to learn in life and whether or not they learned it, and they look at what the soul still needs to finish learning. She added that we are not physical people trying to have a spiritual experience, we are spiritual entities having a physical experience. We need to find out what the spiritual entity still needs to experience on a physical level. This information dictates where and how the soul comes back. After 49 days, entities may choose to take time off, or they may choose to come back. Once the spirit has learned everything it needs to learn, it is re-absorbed back into that which is, by whatever name you want to call it.

Do our personalities change on the other side?

According to the psychics, people's basic personalities don't change that much on the other side. People are still people. If someone had a good sense of humor here, they will probably have a good sense of humor there. If they were quiet here, they may be quiet there. Personalities come through during psychic readings and that is one way to recognize the spirit who is speaking. However, our earthly personalities can be influenced by our human experiences. People who don't get along on this side, can love each other on the other side.

Let me know what you think.


11:29 am mst

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quote from a Psychic:

This is the lifetime we have all been waiting for!

This lifetime is very different. I don't know how I know that, but I just know it. It is very different from other lifetimes. I am not concerned about the Mayan calendar, I just know we are in the Aquarian Age and the Aquarian Age is about consciousness shifting, humanitarianism and unconditional love. Pinky-orange is the color. It is a high vibration energy which is coming to the earth plane for this time.

6:59 pm mst

Friday, October 8, 2010

Good morning!

The Book

Two weeks ago I attended a Writer's Conference in Tucson and talked with several people about the book I am writing. I have a lot of ideas for the approach to this book and its content, and today I want to ask you, the potential readers, what you would like to see in a book about psychics and what they know.

How much of myself should I put in the book? Do you want to read about my story, my experiences, and why I am interested in psychics? Would you rather just read about the psychics?

Do you want me to analyze the information or would you rather read the straight interviews with the psychics?

Would you prefer one big book with lots of information and interviews, or would you prefer two smaller books?

Do you want to know the name of each psychic who I quote or do you like the format on the blog where I just put a "☼" and the information?

If you have any preferences, please let me know by sending an e-mail to

The Psychic Fair and the True Ghost Story Contest

I was set up at the Psychic Fair last Sunday and I met so many interesting people! There were several new psychics at the Fair, as well as people with psychic ability who stopped to talk with me about this project and what I do. Lots of people told me their True Ghost Stories, but I have only received a few written stories for the contest. Remember, if you have a True Ghost Story, e-mail it to me, or post it on Facebook (at My Psychic Search), by October 25. The winning story will be posted on this blog on Halloween.

Now, in honor of Halloween, let's answer today's question: What happens at the moment of death?

After interviewing 26 psychics, I have found a consensus that, at the moment of death, a person's soul "vacates" their body. Their life force leaves their "vessel." They hover above the body, connected by a silver cord, to see what is going on prior to their transition. Sometimes there is a light or a tunnel to which they are drawn. Then, the silver cord is released. If they have crossed over in a peaceful way, and they were ready to cross over, they go to the light. Then, they transform and review their lifetime of information. The soul survives.

Some people who have had near-death experiences (NDEs), told me that there is an immediate life evaluation, and it is determined whether or not it is the person's time to go. If it's their time, they go to the other side. If not, they come back. Sometimes, before coming back, they are advised that they need to improve their lives.

According to the psychics, many people don't immediately understand that they are dead. People are confused and rely on spirits from the other side to tell them about their situation.

At the time of death, most people see relatives or Spirit Guides who take their hand and help them either go over a bridge, or into the light. People who are afraid of the light can go over the bridge. Children, and people with Alzheimer's disease, go over the bridge. On the other side, there are family members and friends waiting to greet the deceased. The transition is easier for a person who is elderly and not so full of uncompleted desires or adventures than it is for a young person who has an unexpected death.

The body is a transient thing so that the spirit can learn, experience, and grow in knowledge and understanding.

One psychic told me that he had witnessed someone at the moment of death and that he could see a tunnel at the end of her bed. An angel hovered at the bedside, along with the woman's deceased parents. G-d was at the other end of the tunnel. However, the woman was afraid to die. This psychic noted that people are given the time to let go themselves. However, after a certain amount of time they are advised that it is time to let go. Once she let go, she went down the tunnel.

Several psychics mentioned that our souls are tethered to our bodies by a silver cord. At the time of death, we float out of our bodies, the silver cord is severed and we are released from our bodies. There are a few different ideas regarding this silver cord.

One psychic mentioned that a silver cord runs from our solar plexus to the other side. When we are ready to go, it opens up and our soul is free and able to go. That's what creates the white light. People who are waiting for us on the other side know we are coming because the soul blinks when we are ready to go.

Another psychic saw things this way:

"There is a silver cord which connects us to this earth plane and at the moment of death, the silver cord is snapped. It's released through the fontanel in the head. That is why there is a soft spot on a baby's head. That is where the soul leaves. The silver cord snaps and the soul leaves through the top of the head. Many people have seen this in hospital rooms. The soul is eager to leave and happily returns home."

A third psychic observed:

"Our soul, or spirit, is connected to our body with a silver cord. Death occurs when the silver cord is severed. It is severed because it is that person's time according to the agreement which that person made with G-d. The spirit lifts out of the body, goes to the other side, and is greeted by loved ones and counselors who help with the transition. Some people may go through a tumultuous death and wonder what happened, so counselors are there to help them with the transition. The transition period and the recovery period take place in a beautiful garden."

One of the psychics who I interviewed for this project is able to channel information from Spiritual Guides. During one of her channeled-information sessions, this summarized message came through:

"Most people, when they are making their transition out of their body, will say, "Why was I so scared of this? My whole life, why was I so terrified?" Their whole life may have been leading up to that moment of death and they were scared. Maybe they were making decisions throughout their life to help them avoid death and run away from death, but when it happened, they were not afraid. They asked, "This is it?" This is usually the experience people have. Then, they remember. They start remembering who they were before they came to Earth and they start connecting with their relatives on the other side. More than that, they start connecting with loved ones on the other side who may not have been involved this lifetime.

"From the other side, we observe that if you cross over with a clarity that you are re-taking your place inside the vast Universal Truth, that is the easiest way to pass. The biggest struggle people tend to have when they die is to release control and to trust. It is that struggle of not wanting to leave the body when it's their time that causes a lot of the conflict and fear around the death process. This is especially true when somebody is watching someone they love going through the death process. What they are seeing is that person's struggle to surrender and to release and to join the Universal Truth. When they release, it's always, always, a sigh of relief."

One of the energy workers added, "We are all multi-dimensional beings and we exist on many levels of existence at one time. This physical reality is just one dimension. When a person dies, it is just a small portion of them which dies. It is like a drop of water in a glass."

Let me know what you think happens at the time of death. On a cheerier note, let me know what you would like to see in a book about psychics, what they do and what they know.


9:36 am mst

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Whatever it is . . . It's only as Good or as Bad as you Think it is.
So Think Greatly. Think Grandly. Think Wonderfully.
Think Incredibly. Think Gratefully.
Think Love. Think Peace. Think Joy.
And then don't think at all, Just Be, Just be Alive,
With a Smile on your face and a song in your Heart.

Gary C. Kossman
10:31 am mst

10:24 am mst

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