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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Got a great True Ghost Story?!?

Halloween is coming and My Psychic Search is having a True Ghost Story contest. Best true story wins a glass heart pendant full of chakra-swirling energy. You will love wearing it or giving it as a gift (yes, the holidays are coming!).

I know that this group has had real encounters with ghosts and spirits and we all want to hear about them!

All entries must be e-mailed to me ( or posted on-line by October 25, 2010. You can post on-line in the discussion area of My Psychic Search on Facebook. Entries should be 500 words or less.

The winning true story be posted on this blog on Halloween. Please include your name and e-mail address for the contest, but if you don't want your name published with your story, let me know.

Happy Haunted Writing!


4:31 pm mst

Psychic Fair this Sunday

I will be set up to talk with you and sell chakra-balancing jewelry and Wild Girl! pins at the Psychic Fair this Sunday, October 3, 2010. This is a cash and check event for me - no credit cards, please. The Fair will be at the Windmill Inn on the southeast corner of River Road and Campbell Avenue. It starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m. Hope to see you there!

4:25 pm mst

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Today, I want to write a bit about ghosts and spirits. Several of the psychics have told me about their experiences with these entities. From their stories, I am trying to cobble together meaningful information about ghosts and spirits. If you have any insights in addition to the ones shared in this blog post, I would appreciate your information. I think we could all benefit from a clearer picture of what happens after death. So, here goes . . .

What is the difference between a ghost and a spirit?

According to what I have read and heard, a ghost is the essence of a person who has died, but has not yet gone through the Light and completely passed to the other side. A spirit is the essence which has crossed to the other side. On this side, we have "souls," on the other side, we are "spirits."

According to the psychics I interviewed, it is possible for ghosts to hang around earth. However, they do this by choice; they are not "stuck." Ghosts may have had strong attachments to people or places. They may not be dealing well with the things they did on Earth and they may have unresolved issues. There are angels and entities on the other side looking for these lost souls and they shine a white light. But the ghosts are so scared that they hide in the shadows and elude the light.

It is also possible that ghosts don't want to go to the other side because there is a person here who is longing for them to stay. This can actually hold someone back from crossing over. The ghosts don't know what will happen once they cross over and they think that they can be closer to the living person if they stay here on Earth.

One psychic commented that ghosts are often very-religious people who don't know where they are supposed to go when they pass. They don't think they deserve to go to Hell, but they also don't think they deserve to go to Heaven. They think those are the only two choices, so they don't know what to do. They need to go towards the Light.

Another psychic was emphatic that ghosts don't get lost like on TV. Spirits may hang around because they have messages or they want to help their loved ones. There is no in-between world where people get stuck. They go to another realm. She felt that much of the Hollywood folklore was not correct. Her impression was that "haunted" houses may be due to spirits who have crossed over and come back. Either they like the place where they are hanging out or they want to get someone's attention. Sometimes spirits hang around Earth because they miss it and they miss their loved ones. The grieving is on both sides. Even though they are in a positive atmosphere and they don't feel the pain of, "I don't know how I'm going to live without you," when they come back and re-connect with their loved ones, they realize how much they miss them and they want to continue hanging around.

Do psychics see ghosts and spirits?

Several of the psychics I interviewed have seen ghosts. In some cases, this was the first clue that they were psychic; that they were different from other people.

As a young woman, one of the psychics moved in with a family who lived in a mortuary. She reported that there were bodies laid out in caskets in the living room. Spirits would walk up, look at the bodies, and walk away. It was her first experience with the deceased checking themselves out in the casket.

Another psychic had this experience as a child:

"My grandfather came to me after he had passed away. That was my first experience with the other side. I was about 8 years old when he came and sat on the corner of my bed. I still remember it. I had a conversation with him. This was about three days after he had passed away. He came and sat on the corner of my bed and I felt him sit down. I opened my eyes and it was my grandfather. In fact, all of my relatives have come to visit me after they have passed. It's like having a normal conversation with them."

Here is another "ghost" story:

"When my ex-husband's brother Vinnie died, I woke up at about 5:30 a.m. and felt him standing next to my bed. He had died in a trailer fire that night, but I hadn't yet heard about it. I felt someone standing next to me all night. The phone rang around 7 a.m. and they told me that Vinnie had died. His ghost stayed in our house for about two weeks and I would see him standing around and walking down the hallway. At night, he would stand next to my bed and want me to astral travel with him. He talked to me. I started praying that he would go into the Light and after about two weeks, that is what he did."

Sometimes, spirits who have crossed over are able to help us through difficult times. Here is one psychic's story:

"When I was going through my divorce, my ex-husband and I lived on opposite sides of our house for a year until the divorce went through. His whole family lived in town, and I didn't have any family in the area so I asked my grandfather who had passed away if he could come down and help me. Immediately, I felt him standing next to me. The next day, a videographer came over and told me that, in addition to photography, he also did readings. He asked if I wanted a reading. He told me that my grandfather was there and that he was protecting me with shields all around my body.

"At times, I could feel my grandfather standing next to my bed. When I went to my car, he would come with me and sit down next to me. I could actually see the seat sink down.

After the divorce: "When I was settled, I thanked my grandfather for helping me and I told him that my brother Tom had cancer and I asked that he go help my brother. After that I didn't feel him around any more. About a month later, I went to one of my spiritual teachers for a reading and I asked if she saw my grandfather. She didn't know if he was alive or dead, but she responded, ‘Oh yes. He's in Heaven. He was helping you for a while, through your divorce, but now he is helping your brother.'"

One of the psychics told me that sometimes she sees little kid energy dashing by. These are like white flashes.

Is it frightening to see a ghost?

One of the psychics told me that seeing ghosts can be scary because it is so unexpected. Most of the time there isn't anything to be afraid of, but it is surprising to wake up and find ghosts looking at her. Occasionally, there are scarey-looking ghosts, but most psychics are able to limit what they see and choose not to see such frightening sights.

The psychic who, as a small child, saw her grandfather wasn't frightened at all. She said it was just like seeing him in life.

What do you think? Do you have more information which can help make this a clearer picture? If so, please send an e-mail to me at



3:40 pm mst

Friday, September 17, 2010

Quote from a Psychic:

"There is no such thing as the Future. We only have the now. The Past no longer exists, the Future isn't here. We are inventing the Future every time we take a breath and a step. Our past provides the wisdom that we can draw upon for information. The difference is that we need to use information from the past as wisdom and not let it dictate where we are going. We can't say, "Remember the last time we tried that? It didn't work. So don't do it now." Maybe, the last time we tried it we were only 10 years old, now we are 20. I can drive a car now at 20; I couldn't drive a car at 10. If we listen to our past and let it control us, the 10 year old will object to driving, but the 20 year old will realize that it has gone to driving school, is 10 years older, is more mature, and can do it. So which one of us is going to make the decision? The 20 year old breathing today or the 10 year old from the past? We must decide who is making the decision.

"When we can make decisions in our current lives based on what we know is wisdom, then we move to the Future. We can't move to the Future at all if we are still making decisions based on our past. We are just living in a repeated cycle at an older age. Our bodies grow, our experiences grow, but we are still doing the same things because we are making decisions as a 10 year old. Guess what, a 10 year old doesn't think like a 40 year old. If you stopped and thought about how you are at 40, and how you think and how you feel about yourself and the things you have done and seen, and you stop to think of a decision and you make it based on who you are today, you will make a good decision for yourself. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it will be the best decision you can make today. Tomorrow, you might make a whole different decision."

Gina Stanfill

12:37 pm mst

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

When I started this project, I asked a couple of the psychics if there was any "outside" help; if they could bring in assistance and knowledge from other dimensions. Here are two of their answers:

We are going to go through planetary changes, but we are not alone. I think many of us will be pleasantly surprised by helpers who assist in the earth's transition. There are things which exist outside of our dimension which are here to help us. There is help from other galaxies. There are unseen angels who surround this planet with love. A lot of people are beginning to feel the helpers.

Ask for angels to help. Ask for the guardians of this area. Surround the desert with your light. We have the right to call on the light.

Another psychic:

I like to think that there are entities out there who are willing to help us. They are around us, but they have to be asked.

1:33 pm mst

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Busy, busy, busy. There is always so much going on in my own world and in the world of spirituality. Last night I attended an IONS presentation by Jonathan Ellerby who spoke about Inspired Living. He told entertaining stories and reminded us how important it is to incorporate the things we enjoy into our lives. He reminded us to find whatever brings us joy and do more of it. He suggested meditation, dancing, playfulness, art, creativity or whatever else you do that, at the end of the session you say, "Are we already out of time?!" That is your joy. Interestingly, he also asked who the most healing people were in our lives. He remarked that most people don't answer "doctors and nurses," they answer, "friends, relatives and spouses." He suggested that we find the healers in our lives and spend more time with them. Ah, friends, fun and healing. What a nice combination!

Tomorrow (Sunday, September 12), the Psychic Fair will be held at the Windmill Inn in Tucson. I won't be set up there, but I may pop in. If you are looking for insights and/or healing, try the Fair. The Windmill Inn is located on the southeastern corner of Campbell and River roads. Even if you don't have a reading, you can just stand in the room and feel the excited energy. If you do want a reading, check out the tips for finding a psychic on my September 17, 2008 blog post. To see who will be at tomorrow's Fair, click on

More news: I interviewed the 25th psychic for this project a week ago at A Wild Purple Ranch on the western edge of Tucson. A Wild Purple Ranch is a place for spiritual retreats and healing in the desert. It is a lovely old ranch which is being beautifully restored. In addition to the buildings, there are several sacred garden spaces and a labyrinth. If you are interested in spending time at the 10-acre ranch, or organizing an event, contact Nancy at 572-0147 or check out

As for the 25th psychic, she was wonderful! She has a unique approach to psychic readings and is mainly working with teachers and healers. Not that she seeks out teachers and healers; they are just who seem to show up. Her impression is that 2010 is the year when the teachers get themselves to where ever they need to be so that when 2012 comes and more people awaken, the spiritual teachers are ready to answer their questions. She made me feel as if I am right on track with this project because I am developing the answers to often-asked questions. Remember, if you have a question which I have not yet answered, you are welcome to send it to me at

Now, I want to take a moment and acknowledge that today is September 11. On this day, we remember all the people who were hurt or injured on September 11, 2001 and we extend our compassion to all of the people who are still hurting as they deal with the aftermath of this event. I believe that compassion and understanding are the paths to peace. Let's take the time to remember that life is complicated and that we can never completely understand why things happen in our lives the way that they do. However, we have a choice about how we react to events. That is where our experiential learning takes place. And that is why we are here.

This has been my longest blog update in some time. Do you still want to read more? I am working on a book and I just wrote the section on Psychic Accuracy. How accurate are the Psychics? Can accuracy be determined? Here we go!

How accurate are the psychics?

Psychic accuracy is difficult to quantify. I never tried to test or score the psychics' abilities. Instead, I asked them, "On a scale of 1-10, 1 being ‘not much' and 10 being ‘incredible,' how psychic do you think you are?"

Only 15 readers provided a numeric answer. The average score of these professional readers was 8.93. Some of the psychics who provided numbers were able to base their score on testing which they had undergone to be certified by various groups.

One of the readers reported that she is a certified ESP psychometrist. She has been certified since 1978 and part of her certification was being trained to use her abilities accurately. She explained that, "In order to be certified, you have to run at least 80% correct all the time. You have to have an 80% score-able ‘correctness' percentile. I run between 95% and 100%."

Another psychic told me that the first 3-5 years he was doing this work he asked people to fill out an evaluation form. His accuracy rate was 92.5%.

A third reader explained that she is a ten, according to her husband. He has tracked her actual predictions and they were about 75-85 % accurate. She is very conservative in her work, and tries to make absolutely sure that what she tells a client is to the best of her ability.

Other readers explained why they wouldn't provide a numerical score:

1) There isn't any way to score accuracy; it isn't really a measurable talent. If someone is good at math, or sports, results can be measured. Psychic ability is more like being good at art. Science has not yet figured out how to score psychic ability. Readers added:

☼ There isn't any way to scale that. I don't know that I'm psychic at all. I think I'm pretty intuitive and I think that I have a very bright, clever mind so when the information comes I can glean it and provide it for my client. I can't compare myself to anyone else.

☼ I am as psychic as anybody who I have met in my life. At the same time, I don't know what the possibilities are.

2) Accuracy depends on the listener's ability to understand the information. There's no way to know, in the moment, if the listener can identify the references in a reading. Days after the reading, things may become clearer to the client.

Here's a slightly different perspective on accuracy from one of the readers:

☼ My accuracy changes based on circumstances. By "circumstances" I mean that the person I am interacting with has an influence on me. It has to do with that person's level of "asking," and their levels of openness, intensity and expectation. This controls how well I perform, from their perspective. All I have is their perspective to gauge the accuracy of what I am telling them. I can get something from the Universe that I know is absolutely true, but if I can't present it to them in a way that they know it's absolutely true, then that same information still moves me down the scale of being psychic because there is a way of presenting data and truth that should get through no matter what. If I can't present it correctly, then I think it lowers me on the scale.

To me, "psychic" is a two-way street. If I have the answers, but they can't hear them, then I have given them nothing. "Psychic" has to be that round trip where the client aligns with the information.

☼ You could be accurate and a client might not recognize it. That's when you think you are wrong, but it could be that they are just not ready to acknowledge the situation. I was told that my first marriage would end in divorce. I never thought it would happen [so I thought the psychic wrong], but it happened.

3) In some cases, personal accuracy changes from day to day; sometimes people have it and sometimes they don't. Here are some thoughts from the readers:

☼ I think that accuracy changes day-to-day for me. When I need it, it is always there, but if I get too emotional or scatter-brained from all the things which are happening in my life, I lose touch with that part of myself. I become more concerned with day-to-day things.

☼ Some of it depends on how prepared I am for readings. If I am not concentrating on things, information sometimes comes more easily and I would be higher on the scale. Other days, I want to give information so badly that I think I shut it down somehow.

☼ I want to do everything perfectly and sometimes I need to relax and take care of myself. The more tired I am, the more I let go, and the more I lose control of the situation, the more information comes to me. Sometimes when you let go, great things happen.

4) Because there is always more to learn, or because they are focusing on other things in their lives, some very good readers are reluctant to give themselves a 10. They commented:

☼ I am an "8." When I can get names, addresses, and phone numbers, then I'll think I'm a 10! [lol]

☼ I am an "8" mostly because I am very practical. I don't want to let myself go too far. There is a bridge between the spiritual and practical aspects of our lives. I want to find the balance. Maybe someday I will be a 10, but right now I want to live a more-grounded life here. If you let it, and you are ready, the spiritual part can become a bigger and bigger part of your life. I am not ready for it.

5) What was accurate in the moment, doesn't always happen. Because people can change their choices at any time, predictions for the future may not come true. For example, a psychic may see a particular future if the person stays on the path they are on. If the person changes their path (their major in school, their chosen profession), the prediction might not come true. It was accurate at the time of the reading, but not accurate in retrospect. One psychic commented:

☼ Several years ago, I had a reading with a woman and I saw very clearly that she would be living in Turkey or Istanbul. I very clearly saw her doing archaeological and anthropological work. I heard that that had not happened in her life and I remembered wondering why it had not happened when I had seen it so clearly. Years later, I ran into her and I asked what she was doing. She told me that she had shifted her major from anthropology to cooking. The time line I had seen had totally evaporated.

The future is made up of all the minute choices we make in the moment. There might be four appointments in your lifetime which are predestined, but if you choose not to show up, they don't happen. I think that the future is very flexible and very fluid. It changes. The future which is set in concrete changes as soon as you get out of your car and decide to go a different way. A whole new time line opens up.

Without formal testing, how do the psychics know if they are any good?

Several readers told me that when they do a reading, they are confident that the information is accurate. There is no question in their mind that they received and relayed the information well. The only question is what people do with the information once they are aware of it. Most of the psychics told me that they don't follow-up with their clients, however, they receive phone calls, letters and e-mails from satisfied customers. In addition, they have high rates of return clients and many referrals.

Why don't most psychics follow up with clients after readings?

Psychic readers generally do not follow-up with clients to find out how accurate the readings were, or what the clients did with the information which they heard. One psychic explained that the whole point of this process was trust. She said, "As a reader, you have to trust that the information you are giving is the right information. Whatever they do with the information is up to them. I just have to know that I have done the best I could do. It doesn't help me to know if I was right or wrong, because it might have been how they perceived and used the information."

Another psychic echoed this idea saying, "Sometimes after a reading, people ask if I want them to come back and tell me how things worked out. I politely tell them that I don't need to know. I have to trust that what I gave them was what they needed to hear and that they will take that information forward. I have no control over how the information is used. I just give them the information so they can make choices. I don't dictate that someone must do, or not do, something. I can just tell people about their choices and the consequences of those choices. For me, personally, following up is ego-oriented, and I have to stay away from it."

A third psychic commented, "The other reason I don't follow-up with people is that I don't have an attachment to the reading. This is their reading. The information is for them."

Scientific Measurement

If you are interested in scientific experiments which are being done to gauge the accuracy of psychic information, there are colleges and groups which are working in this area. One of the most-prominent researchers in this field is Gary Schwartz at the University of Arizona. Another good information source is the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Searching the Internet will provide information on current research.

Questions or comments? You can always contact me at

10:46 am mst

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Less than an hour ago, Delphina Nova called to tell me that she has been having dreams and receiving prophetic messages about an imminent earthquake in California. People should not be frightened by this message, but should think about being prepared for the event. They should have earthquake preparedness kits or stay away from the area of the fault. The messages she has received speak of a 7.1 magnitude earthquake along the fault line.

Here is the message which Delphina received in a dream:

"An Earthquake will happen on the San Andreas Fault. It is imminent.

We are in the 11th hour

7.1     7. 1     7. 1

Water will rise in the Desert.

There will be 3 signs before the earthquake happens:

1) Elders will faint. Sensitive people & children will faint.

2) Water will be everywhere & begin to rise in the Desert.

3) Strange animals will come & do Strange things to get the People's attention. Animals will do Strange things to Warn the People.

Then the Earthquake will happen."

End of Dream

Please pass the information on to Prepare the People.

Much love, light.

All My Relations,


1:01 pm mst

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Do readings affect how the psychics feel?

Readings can have a big emotional impact on clients. Surprisingly, they can also have a big emotional impact on readers, especially when the readers are empathic.

Psychics work hard to retrieve information as clearly as possible. Most of them need to concentrate in order to hear, see, or understand messages. This work is easiest when clients are open and comfortable. But that is not always the case. Some people are so worried about what they might hear, that have trouble hearing the information which actually comes through. Other people come for a reading, but are really just trying to test the psychic's ability. They are closed off and skeptical. These situations can make it more difficult for the psychic to convey information.

One of the psychics explained, "When someone comes for a reading who is skeptical and closed, and I am trying to connect to my soul, it is a hard feeling because I feel them being closed off." She added, "I open myself up to share this gift with people. For clients, it's just their time, but for me, my heart is out there. I can feel everything they are feeling during the reading. When they feel closed down, while I am so open, it can be difficult."

In addition, some people continually interrupt the reader and this can be distracting. And some people just won't stop talking. Instead of listening to the reader, they are busy providing background information, hoping that the psychic will give them the answer they want to hear.

Many clients come to a psychic reader because they have emotional traumas they want to discuss or because they have recently lost a loved one. They are seeking answers to life's big questions. Some psychics report that it can be emotionally and physically draining to deal with the client's aching issues. Readings can be exhausting!

One psychic told me that contacting loved ones who have crossed over affects her emotionally and physically. It drains her energy. She is empathic and open to people's emotions. Sometimes, the client is very intense and that is hard on her. She absorbs all of their emotions.

On the other hand, one of the energy workers mentioned that, "Sometimes I feel very connected to the people I work on. One day I was working on a woman I knew and, in my mind's eye, I saw a ray of gold light come down over her and illuminate her whole body and all of her chakras. Then, the light spread and encompassed me. Wow. That was amazing."

Most of the psychics feel very fortunate to have a gift which helps people. It feels very good when people want a reading or a consultation. One woman with intuitive abilities remarked, "I feel like every message I give, I am also getting something. Just like when you teach, you learn. It's a great gift."

How do you feel when you give a reading? If you have any thoughts, please e-mail them to me at Thanks!


9:54 am mst

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