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Saturday, July 31, 2010

There is a big wedding today in Rhinebeck, NY. What a blessing! What a moment of bliss! A wedding is a symbol of hope. It's a joyous occasion. It is a moment of promise for the bride, the groom, the families and the guests. While the rest of the news focuses on catastrophes, I choose to think about the love within this moment. The love of the bride and the groom, the love of the parents for the bride and groom, and the excitement of all of the people who are going to witness this event with love in their hearts.

When we are dating and infatuated, we are walking on air. We can enjoy that moment of surreal love and amplify it by sharing it with the world. We can breathe in the love, circulate it through our energy systems (our bodies and our auras) and send it out to the world. Send out the peace, the excitement and the love of every thing. When we pass the point of infatuation and move into a more mature, calm love, we can also share that feeling of calm love with the world. Breathe the love in through our lives, swirl it around and steep in it (like tea), then send it out to heal the world.

Yes, I realize that we also have to deal with the difficult issues of the day, but maybe we can lighten the difficult moments by deeply enjoying the blissful ones. When we fully experience our joy and fully experience our despair, we are fully experiencing our lives. We all have joy, sorrow, hope, anxiety, frustration, and a full range of events and emotions in our lives. Which ones do you we choose to focus on? Let me suggest that when we focus on love and generosity of spirit, we improve our own lives and brighten the world.

All over the world, there are brides and grooms today. All over the world, people are falling in love. Let us use these moments of personal, epic love to beam love and healing out for the world. We can have our joy and share it too!

1:55 pm mst

Friday, July 30, 2010

Quote from a Psychic:

"I have always felt as if I am a beloved of the Universe. I am one of the Universe's favorite children and so is every other child of the Universe. Most of us just don't know that. I have a hugely intimate connection with the Universe and with the Divine. Some schools of thought say that the Universe is impersonal, but that is not how I experience it. I am a human who needs a high degree of intimacy in terms of connection and depth. The Universe responds to this need very delightfully."

To-Ree'-Nee' Wolf, November 2008

4:53 pm mst

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Have you had a Near-Death Experience?

I think it is interesting that seven of the twenty-four people I interviewed have had at least one near-death experience (NDE). Plus, another person described an NDE to me, but called it "astral planing." I didn't directly ask people if they had had NDEs. These were just things which came up during our interviews. It's possible that additional psychics had NDEs, but these events didn't come up during our conversations. To me, seven (or eight) out of twenty-four people (29 - 33%) having NDEs seems like a high percentage compared to the general population. Anyone know what the rate of NDEs is in the general population?

Of the seven psychics who had near-death experiences,

2 people had a single NDE,
1 person had 2 NDEs,
2 people had 3 NDEs,
1 person had 4 NDEs, and
1 person had 6 NDEs.

The other person told me that she had gone to Heaven during a seizure and was told to go back; it wasn't her time. She called it "astral planing," but it sounds like an NDE to me!

In some cases, the NDEs led to enhanced abilities, but not always. Some people had NDEs complete with the tunnel, the Light and the choice to stay or to go. Other people were clinically dead and were revived, with no memory of the event. It's a "Near Death," but without the "Experience."

These are some of the things which the psychics told me about their NDEs:

☼ I believe that when you have a death experience you come back with a level of gifts that people don't understand. I am in an NDE support group and every person reports that their life is different than before they had the experience. Perhaps that contributed to my gift, I don't know.

☼ When I was giving birth, my blood pressure dropped and I was in the blackness. Most people talk about seeing a light. I was in the tunnel and it was black. I was conscious. That was when I was about 21 years old. After that, things really started happening.

☼ When I was a teenager, I had an NDE which opened things up. I had a fatal asthma attack and I saw my grandfather, several angels and a group of people. I was out of my body and I could see the doctors and nurses, as well as my parents. They were frantic. I was dying and it was nice to be out of my body and to feel no pain. I was very light-weight. I was looking at all of these people and wondering why it was taking so long to die; I was ready to go. I heard them say, "We just want to make sure you really want to do this." Then I heard my mother bawling and I looked down at her and I said I couldn't go. I was only 16. I told them that I had to stay and immediately, as soon as I said it, I was back in my body. It was extremely painful! No wonder babies cry when they are being born. If their souls are coming in while they are being born, it hurts!

☼ At the moment of death, there are different experiences. From all that I have heard from people with NDEs, there is a life evaluation and they determine if it is time for them to go. If it's their time, they stay there. If it's time to come back, they come back and are sometimes told that they need to change their lives.

☼ [After a car accident] When I walked through the Light, I had a life/death experience. Walking through the Light was like trying to stare into the sun. When I walked through that Light I met a woman who said, "Come walk with me." I remember the beginning of the experience and I remember the end, I don't remember anything in between. In the beginning of the experience, she told me I was okay, I was fine. There was a beautiful, peaceful brook. At the end, I remember there were a lot of people I knew and it looked like we were in ancient Greece, although I knew we weren't actually in Greece. There were pillars for the house, but no ceiling. There were animals everywhere, including dogs and horses. I have a gift with cats and I know that they are my protectors. I know that I have lion cats who sometimes sit around me, but are not always here. At the end of the experience, she told me it was not my time and that I had to make a choice. I could either stay or go back. She told me that I had not yet done my greatest work. I asked about the guy I had been with in the accident and about his children who had also been in the accident. As soon as I thought about them, whoosh!, I was out of there and I was waking up.

☼ I don't have any recollection of what happened. I did not have an NDE or go into the Light. My parents told me that on several occasions I sat straight up in the bed and spoke to them in "non-language." It was a language not of this world. Some people might call it "speaking in tongues." It scared my parents. I was pronounced dead three times and I came back three times.

One woman who I interviewed had had four NDEs. She told me:

I remember waking up after one event and thinking, "Huh? I was on the Ponderosa Ranch from Bonanza." That was weird. I never saw any white lights or remember anything from being so close to death. My psychic daughter said that I appeared to her and I apologized for not being able to get back into my body. She saw me psychically. She told me to do what I had to do, but that she was not yet ready to let me go. She encouraged me to get back in my body. I could have been dead and I wouldn't have known it. Nothing happened to me. I didn't see anybody. But every time I came out of an anesthetic or an intubation, I was immediately conscious. I wasn't in a dream state, I was immediately aware of what was going on. I was also aware that I had no memory of what went on while I was out of it, or that nothing had happened. That was a real change for me. I believed in the white light, but I never saw it. I don't have a clue what happens. I have no fear of dying. I've been there and it didn't hurt.

In some ways I think that people get what they expect when they die. For example, seeing G-d, or ending up on the Ponderosa Ranch!

One of the psychics I interviewed had had three NDEs and described them this way:

The first time was when I was five years old and had an out-of-body experience. I was in a children's ward at the Cook County Contagious Disease Hospital. Because I was contagious, I was in a ward where the children had been taken away from their parents. I could see myself laying in my bed while I was floating up by the ceiling. A silver cord was attached to the base of my spine. A lot of children were dying and I could see myself just laying there. I remember a large white presence off to my right and then I was told that I could float around for a while, but that I had to go back to the body on the bed.

When I was 12 or 13 years old, I nearly drowned on a rafting trip. I was caught in a hole under a rock under the water. That was the first time I saw my life flashing before me; like a wide-screen movie. It was scary. Then I felt them grab my ass and push me up. There have been three or four times when I could have died, but I just didn't die.

People have "exit points" throughout their lives when they can die, but they don't die because it is just not their time.

I became more intuitive after 40 when I was ill and had a healing. After 40, it was like "Time to wake back up."

After the three near-death experiences I have had, I realize it is just a natural thing. Nothing to be afraid of. You are just afraid for the people who are left and you worry about how they will react. It's a win-win situation for the dead person.

One woman who I interviewed had had six NDEs. I asked her why she thought she had had so many of these experiences and she replied, "Each time . . . it's almost like I'm asking, ‘Am I done here yet?' I am no longer afraid of death at all."

She added:

After having these NDEs, I am ready to share these experiences to help people remember that they are not their bodies. So many of us are attached to our material things, our jobs, who we think we are. For me, I've gone through certain situations in my life to be able to help others.

So now I have said "Yes" to my life. I had been reluctant to say "Yes." Have you heard the story about the reluctant messiah? It's like asking, "Can't you find someone else?" I wonder if I have had these experiences so that they can keep asking, "Are you going to say ‘Yes' now?" When I was little, I knew why I was here. Then I was experiencing my life and thinking that I wasn't old enough yet to say, "Yes." I thought, "No one is going to believe me; I don't have the credentials." Now, I am coming from a place of love. Three of my dear friends passed away in the last two years. We had always thought that we would be here together. It keeps reminding me that I need to get this work done. I need to do this interview. I need to publish my book. Earthly time is limited. There is no such thing as time, but we have gone through many, many experiences in our lifetimes which need to be shared with people.

In addition to her six NDEs, this woman also had a Shamanic Death Experience. I asked her what that was and she told me, "It is an experience where you are in the body and who you think you are, dies. Your ego personality fragments. You see yourself completely shattered. You disappear as if you don't exist at all; there is an elimination of the ego. When you come back, you need to bring the personality back in so you can function on Earth, but you have a new understanding that you are pure soul and that this is a temporary body. I know, 100%, who I am. I am not my body. It all had to disappear so that I could come back and help people with healing and Shamanic work. I needed to remember that I am more than my body. In order for me to help people who are in life and death situations, I had to be able to go to the other side and come back. It is part of my training. "

Nearly every psychic who I interviewed told me that they were not afraid of death. They were concerned that the circumstances of their death might be painful or frightening, but they were comfortable with the idea of being dead. The overall attitude was that they had been dead before, and they would be dead again. It's what they do in between that counts.


Have you had a near-death experience? If you are one of the psychics who I interviewed and you have had an NDE, but we didn't talk about it, please contact me so that I can add your experience to this blog post. Thanks!

Anyone with comments is welcome to contact me at


1:44 pm mst

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Guest Blogger
Delphina Nova

New Messages from July 5 - now . . .

Sudden Changes

Expect lots of changes to happen very rapidly in the world right now; from now until 2012. Many things that have been hidden will now come into view . . . 'out of the closet'. Archaeological discoveries will happen overnight. This will happen in the 'blinking of the eye.' This will shock and surprise many people. Many people will wake up.


Prepare inwardly for the changes. Pray. Meditate. Stay calm. Begin speaking to your family, relatives and friends. Do not preach doom and gloom. Change is at hand. We will go through a whirlwind of earth changes. Have faith and trust. Know that we are protected, that we are embraced by the Great Spirit. There is a Golden Light coming to assist us. Do not be afraid of the changes - they must come now.

Bodily Sensations

Many people will now begin experiencing various sensations in the body whether in the form of headaches, pressure in the head and neck, skin eruptions, emotional release. See your medical doctor or naturopath if need be. Know that these bodily reactions which are affecting our endocrine and central nervous systems are akin to what is happening on Mother Earth. What is held in the body in the form of memories, past trauma, and suppressed emotions must be released. Nourish yourself. Get the rest your need. Have a massage or acupuncture. Listen to gentle, soothing music. Allow yourselves what you need to flourish.

Walk Softly On the Earth

Stand strong in your light and know that the power within you, that is watching over you, is life itself. Do not play 'small.' Your light is needed at this time. Speak out. Share. Be love on the path to everyone you meet. Forgive. Be very very gentle with yourself, your loved ones and friends. Mother Earth is recording every emotion in her body - she needs us to walk very gently right now on her body.

Star Nations

One of sudden changes that will occur now will be the appearance of what the Indigenous People call 'Star Nations'. UFOs will make themselves visible around the world to help us now at this time of Earth's transition. Something very huge is about to happen. Go within and be at peace as rapid changes and chaos happen around us. The Holy Ones are watching over us. Call on Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and your guardian angels at this time. We are not alone. A time of great joy is coming as we go through this great transformation.

11:34 am mst

Friday, July 16, 2010

This is an interesting perspective from one of the psychics I interviewed.

How Psychic are you?

To me, "psychic" is a two-way street. If I have the answers, but the client can't hear them, then I have given them nothing. "Psychic" has to be that round trip where the client aligns with the information.

I can understand the truth, but the person needs to hook in so that I can present it to them in an accurate way. When people call me for a psychic reading they are looking for me to help them move from where they are on a certain topic, to where they want to be. I am very goal-oriented so that influences my perception of my abilities.

Beth Hayes
Integrated Essences

3:44 pm mst

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Knowing the Future

I want to know the future. How are things going to turn out? Will this project be successful? I live in my mind and I want to know things.

However, there are others ways of looking at the future. I asked the highly-intuitive Delphina Nova about her future and what she saw coming in her own life and I am posting her paraphrased answers. My questions are in Italics and her answers are in the regular font:

When you think about your intuitive and healing abilities, what do you see as your future?
Only G-d knows. I like living in mystery.

You like it or you have no choice because you don't know what is going to happen?
I actually like it. The place of mystery is where G-d really lives. The "not knowing." It's like the moment before a painting is created. The moment before it's manifested is the place of creation. That is where I thrive. The not-knowing, that is where the spark of life is.

It's a mystery. It's exciting. I just know that I am held in the hands of love and that there is a river of love which is guiding me. Ultimately, that river is guiding me to my highest good - to Love. I am saying "Yes" to the Divine. I don't need to know what is going to happen.


It's like a whole different world than the world I live in!


9:52 am mst

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Good morning. I have a few announcements, then I'll discuss today's topic: Predictions for Tucson.

First, I have done some work on the website which might make it easier to find the information which you are seeking. I added a Blog Index which lists the date and topic of each blog post. If you want to find the answer to a specific question, you can use the Blog Index to find out which blog post contains the answer, then click on the blog title to go to that set of entries.

Second, I have started the 2010 Blog, Part II in a new format. It has an XML feed and it will have a blog post archive. Once I have this all figured out, I think it will make it easier for people to find the information they seek.

Third, Tucson's Psychic Fair will be held this Sunday, July 11, from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the Windmill Inn on the southeastern corner of Campbell and River. I will be set up there with Wild Girl! pins and cards, chakra-balancing jewelry, an updated Blog Book, and a book entitled, Twenty Psychics Speak which contains 20 of the completed psychic interviews for this project. This book is for review only. I am looking for a publisher so I thought it might be good to provide hard-copy information from My Psychic Search Project. As the psychics say, I am bringing this information from the realm of thought into this physical dimension; manifesting in the third dimension. Please let me know if you know anyone who might be looking to publish a book about psychics and what they do.

As always, the psychics will provide 15 minute readings for $20. I learn so much from talking with these talented readers!
Now, onto today's topic.

Predictions for Tucson

We live in turbulent times and reading the news from around the world can be shocking. As I talked with the psychics about the earth changes and what they might mean to all of us, I also asked them about Tucson. I live in Tucson. I asked all of the psychics if they had predictions for Tucson and 15 of them had answers. In fact, some of psychics had more than one answer to my question and, for the most part, I received reassuring responses.

There were four types of answers to the question: Do you have predictions for Tucson which you would like to share?

1) Nine psychics told me that Tucson is an energetically special area. Tucson is very spiritual.

2) Two psychics told me that they had moved here because they were drawn to the area and it just felt right. Other psychics also mentioned that they knew people who had felt drawn to this area and had moved here.

3) Four psychics reassured me that Tucson is safe from land disasters (earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.). One psychic noted that, "Spirit wouldn't put me somewhere which isn't safe for me to be."

4) Four psychics felt that Tucson had an identity problem: we just don't know what kind of city we want to be. They felt that we needed more cohesive leadership to solve problems with the economy, racism, transportation, and water shortages.

None of the psychics said that there would be natural disasters in the Tucson area.

Here are some of the more-detailed responses:

1) Tucson is an energetically special area

☼ I think Tucson is like a vortex, like Sedona. The vortex means that we are psychic in this town.

☼ I feel like our move to Tucson had everything to do with my stepping up and fulfilling who I was going to be in the future. When we moved here, we moved here because it just felt right.

I know a lot of healers from this area who have had similar experiences. They did not know why they came to Tucson, but coming here activated them to become who they are. I think that the Tucson area is a special energetic area, similar to Sedona. Tucson is a powerful place and a vortex of positive energy. People should really embrace that. If you want to be a healer, get psychic information, or influence the rest of the world, Tucson is the place to be.

☼ I think Tucson is going to become much more of a spiritual place. People will come here looking for spiritual development. Tucson is a place where people can spiritually feed their soul. Tucson is going to become a new "Mecca," a spiritual town. Tucson is very open to spiritualism and there are many beliefs and faiths here.

☼ Tucson is what is referred to as an "Ascension Site." This means that those who are becoming more consciously aware, more spiritually aware, can do so much more easily in a place like Tucson than elsewhere. The energetics of Tucson are conducive to opening oneself up to a connection with Divine Source. I have lived in many places in the U.S. and I know the energy in those places. Tucson is "clearer" than Detroit or the Bible Belt.

In addition to the energetics of the people who are in that mind set, it is also the geography of the area. There is less static, less interference than in other places. There is something about the high desert and the geological structure of the Earth which makes Tucson conducive to spiritual awakening. There are energetic portals in the Tucson area. There are sacred sites and energetic spots. That is why you find a lot of people who just had to move to Tucson. Energetically, you feel clearer here than in many other places on the planet.

This is a very good place to be.

2) I was drawn to move to Tucson

☼ I think this is a safe place. I was led here. I was in New Jersey and I didn't know where I was going to go. I kept following the signs which led me to Tucson. Now that I am here, I can feel the energy and it has opened me up psychically.

3) Tucson is safe from land disasters

☼ I figure if I am going to live somewhere, it is going to be okay, because I am there. Spirit wouldn't put me somewhere where something bad was going to happen to me. I have too much to do.

☼ I'm not that worried about Tucson but, personally, I would not live in the larger cities. I wouldn't live in Phoenix or any of the major cities in the world. With the earth changes right now, it's not a great idea to live in big cities if you can help it, or along either coast. People need to be ready for the changes which are coming.

I think Tucson is a safe place to be. There is something about being in the desert which makes me feel incredibly close to G-d. The desert dwellers and the indigenous cultures which have respected this area have always been able to be with this land.

4) Tucson needs better leadership to deal with our problems

☼ Tucson has an identity problem. Just like most of us don't know who we are, Tucson has the same issue. Tucson is a wonderful transition city to live in, to help you find your identity, but people can't agree if we are an old west town, or a new west town, or a modern city. We are all of those, and none of those, and people keep arguing about it. It is a good example of how people can keep moving and growing without moving forward. We just keep expanding. We need cohesive, like-minded people to decide what Tucson will represent.

☼ Tucson needs a decisive person to be a unifying energy for the different parties; to make a difference. We keep chasing our tails.

☼ We are going to have a water shortage. Definitely. We are going to have to deal with the "haves" and "have nots" over border crossing issues. It is going to become very ugly. The anger. Those who work hard are going to pay the price for those who want to cross the borders and steal and rob. That's the part that makes it difficult. You can't separate the good and the bad. There are too many people stepping up to the table for a free lunch and those paying for the lunch are getting worn out. There's not going to be enough to stretch anymore. We are going to have to look at resources and accountability. [excerpt from an interview in June 2008]

Finally, here is one psychic's multi-faceted answer to Do you have predictions for Tucson?

Tucson is a growing place. Tucson has a strong energy of minerals. I see Tucson evolving to become a broader, more-inclusive group of people. Instead of so much emphasis on the military, or immigrants, I see that people will become more blended and multi-cultural. I see more people healing here, and more people who are going to do healing work. The community is going to transform and this is going to be a beautiful place. It's going to take some time, but it is going to be a healing place for people.

One of the things I find disturbing is the murder rate. It's unfortunate, but I think it is some sort of a cleansing. As Tucson changes and some of the old structures break down, Tucson can evolve as an incredible jewel.

I asked, "What do you see for the economy?"

Same thing. It's got to break down structures first. The old structures, things which don't work, have to break down. When we see things breaking down it scares us, but to create a new world is awesome. What if we didn't have any blueprint? What if we could start all over? We could have more green businesses and more solar energy. That is what is happening. People don't know how it is going to work, but our world can be a better world than it is right now. It's a scarey time, but we have to have faith and trust in what each of us does. We all have to become empowered to do the things that are our greatest mission. This includes art, music, gardens, and engineering (building buildings). We need to keep the hope and we need to focus on what we want.

What do you think?

Let me know at  


11:10 am mst

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Quote from a Psychic:

Why are we here on this earth?

To experience and grow in ways that no other soul has the opportunity to do. I think that we are very honored to be here. No other souls that we know of, not even the angels, Guides, or masters, have the opportunity to taste. They can't spit, they can't make love, they don't touch. They don't have the senses we have. We are the lucky ones.

Cynthia Rae
3:30 pm mst

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